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DJ 2-Tone Jones of the SHAOLIN JAZZ Project is currently in Lebanon conducting DJ mastery workshops, along with a team of artists from Words Beats & Life, Inc. who specialize in other core disciplines of Hip-Hop.  The programming is being conducted in the city of Tripoli in conjunction with a local Hip-Hop association known as Cross Arts.  Stay tuned for a full photo recap of his travels.

To watch day one footage of their trip click Read the rest of this entry

CAN I KICK IT? / 11.20 / Screening “Blade” and “Afro Samurai”


We’ve decided to do something a bit different for this month’s CAN I KICK IT? lineup, as this will be last one for the year.  The titles are still martial arts based, however, this will be the first month where we’re featuring an anime film and in both pictures the leads are samurais.  Hope to see you Thurs. Nov. 20th, 8pm-12am, at Marvin, where we’ll be screening “Blade” and “Afro Samurai.”  To RSVP click here and to see the second event poster click Read the rest of this entry

Dave Singleton Interview / Winner, SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest


After selecting Dave as the winner for our Movie Poster Design Contest, I begin to dive deeper into his work to discover that Dave has a very unique story.  In addition to his graphic design prowess, Dave’s also a musician, DJ, and the co-founder of a soul music label based in Tennessee, G.E.D Soul Records.  And while it was my intent to interview the contest winner, these findings added to the depth of the read.  Check it out:

What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you do?

Dave Singleton, I’m from Nashville, TN. I’m do graphic design and communications for a day job and am the co founder of G.E.D. Soul Records.

Briefly, give people a short history of G.E.D. Soul Records.

I started G.E.D. Soul with Nick DeVan around 2007 in Murfreesboro, TN while in college. Before that we had a deep funk radio show called the G.E.D. Soul Rged2evue. After buying up a bunch of heavy funk records we decided to start recording our own and started putting out 45s and LPs. We now haves a pretty good sized catalog feature DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Magic In Threes, AJ & The Jiggawatts and more.

What is it about soul music that grabs you more than other genres?

Originally it was the stuff with the raw sounding production and not overly polished.

Talk about some of your inspirations for soul music: artists, groups, lyrics, instruments, even record labels.

Being from Tennessee, Stax is certainly high up on the list of inspiration. But for me, I really really love all the different deep funk compilations like Midwest Funk, Florida Funk, Funky 16 Corners… especially if it has really good liner notes. Some of those really obscure tracks hit so hard its unbelievable. I started searching for these records from the Soul Patrol label out of France, they were easier to find in the early 2000s than they are now.

For the entire read click here: Read the rest of this entry

COLOR of SOUND / The Bishop Gallery / Recap


20141024_172215Thanks to the art enthusiasts that attended COLOR of SOUND in NYC last Fri, The Bishop Gallery and its staff for hosting and providing additional support, Lex (Madison Davenport PR), Cherisse Rivera, Heineken, and props to all of the artists who participated – thoroughly diversifying the show through their unique range of works.  Despite traffic delays, which had us arrive in NYC hours after our intended time, we were able to hit the gallery in just enough to time finish installing the final pieces and special shout to Ernest (The Bishop Gallery) for accommodating our lateness and helping to hang.  On another note, I’ve got to pat myself on the back for hanging Aniekan’s works and props to 2-Tone for hanging the album cover installation.  For more recap photos click Read the rest of this entry

Movie Poster Design Contest – Winner

poster1-72-Tone and I would like to announce and congratulate the winner of our SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest – Dave Singleton.  We received a variety of very unique submissions, however, Dave’s work most closely aligned with our contest criteria.  To view more of Dave’s work click here and to view some of the standout entries click Read the rest of this entry


cubedHope you guys can make it to our next hip-hop happy hour – HAPPY HOUR CUBED, where we’ll be celebrating the work of music and film icon Ice Cube.  Oh yeah, its also Reggie’s Birthday Wed is going to be hectic!  To RSVP click here.

CAN I KICK IT? / 10.23 / Screening “8 Diagram Pole Fighter” and “Ong Bak”

8diagram_eventbriteJoin us Thurs. Sept 25th, 8p-12am, at Marvin DC for the fifth edition of CAN I KICK IT? where we’ll be screening “8 Pole Diagram Fighter and “Ong Bak.”  We’re also very happy to announce that, in addition to our “Bruce Leroy” signature cocktail, the good people at Heineken will be offering a special $5 Heineken during the screening.  To RSVP click here and for more visuals click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Edition for SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel (Fall/Winer 2014 / Part 2)


Welcome to Part 2 of the SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Fall/Winter 2014 Photo Shoot for SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel.

Part 2 of the Fall/Winter shoot  is a continuation from F/W Part 1 – highlighting the girl’s experiences in New York, including an impromptu session at the Eat The Cake Studios in Brooklyn.

Shot by Chris Carr (Eat The Cake NYC), Dyesha Hicks, Melanie J.B. Charles, Boshia Rae-Jean, Whitney Brown, and Laura Weyl.

 Scene: “In-Thought”

IMG_3460model: boshia rae-jean / zip-hoodie: compass

To see the full shoot click Read the rest of this entry

COLOR of SOUND / The Bishop Gallery / 10.24

Color of Sound_bishop 4The reception for our next COLOR of SOUND Art Exhibition (featuring works inspired by jazz, hip-hop, martial arts, and SHAOLIN JAZZ) will be Friday October 24th at The Bishop in Brooklyn.  Featured artists include Ola Kudu, KEEBS, Chris Carr, Aniekan Udofia, Tewodross Melchishua, and Brody Rose.  To RSVP click here.


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