SHAOLIN JAZZ in Ethiopia / Day 2


Day 2 was a great look.  Part of our programming in Ethiopia consists of conducting workshops with and performances at the African Union (the African version of the European Union, representing every country on the continent) and today consisted of workshop one.  The focus of the workshops are to discuss the history of Hip-Hop as it relates to DJ culture and to discuss how music has been used as  a catalyst for awareness and social change.  In addition to the workshop we also got a chance to hang out with the homie K’Alyn who’s made a serious name of himself in Addis.

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SHAOLIN JAZZ in Ethiopia / Day 1


As with any travel overseas, day 1 is pretty much all travel.  That being said, the journey has been nothing short of eventful, yet moved by pretty quickly.  Fortunately we made it safely to Addis and after a major hurdle at the airport (Wayna – so happy that you’re traveling with us) we, upon check-in at the hotel, were greeted by one of our heads from DC, Ra Brown, who’s staying in the same spot, a picturesque boutique hotel called Zeist Lodge (props to Ra for suggesting the spot).

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Lion of Judah / v.1


The Lion of Judah by the team at Late Night Genius.  They’re designing some visuals for our trip to Ethiopia.  Stay tuned for more.


SHAOLIN JAZZ in Ethiopia / Countdown


Getting closer to our trip to Ethiopia.  For more info click here.



Kelela is a first generation Ethiopian American born in Washington, D.C. who moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to further her music career as a singer. Originally singing in jazz cafes and imitating her favorite r&b singers, she soon discovered her own unique sound.  Check her out her sound by clicking here.


The Photography of Michael Tsegaye


Michael Tsegaye is a photographer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Originally going to school for painting he soon realized photography was his true passion and uses his camera to capture the beauty of contemporary Ethiopian life and #landscapes.  For more info click here.

Ester Rada


Ester Rada is an Israeli singer with Ethiopian cultural roots. From Nina Simone, to Erykah Badu  and Jill Scott, Rada’s musical influences allow her to combine the sounds of funk, soul, and R&B to create Ethio-Soul.  Check out her single “Out” here

Master the Art


Hip-Hop, martial arts, chess. An odd trio? Not at all, according to RZA, a founder of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

“Hip-Hop is a battle game,” he said. “Chess is a battle. Martial arts is a battle.”  For the full read click here.

Ethiopia in Africa


Check out our “Ethiopia in Africa” T-shirt which is part of a series of #product #designed by @latenightgenius commemorating our SHAOLIN JAZZ in Ethiopia programming / Get yours at here.



Been a while since I’ve done a new edition of YUP, so here you go.  Props to Stussy on their newest photo shoot in Jamaica.


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