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SHAOLIN JAZZ take-over of Capitol iLL Radio

Tomorrow, from 10 PM – 12 AM, listen in as we take-over Capitol iLL Radio (89.3 FM WPFW) playing tracks from our new project “Sweet Nancy from Shaolin,” select tracks from our catalog, jazz inspired rap music, and talking to SHAOLIN JAZZ friends and family.  To listen at 10 PM click here.



SHAOLIN JAZZ in Ethiopia / Panelist: Keanna Faircloth


Meet Keanna Faircloth, a true Jazz-head and highly accomplished pianist (having toured the country and studied with giants such as Charles Covington and Grady Tate), to, since 2005, hosting a range of Jazz shows on the world renowned radio station WPFW 89.3 FM – the only radio station in DC dedicated to the preservation of Jazz and committed to community awareness and social justice.  Keanna also, under the name DJ Charlie Fontaine (and her company JazzyGirlRockin Entertainment), spins at a range of events bringing a special mix of Jazz and Soul.  Keanna will be the moderator of our discussion on July 17th, 5-7pm at Busboys and Poets’ K Street #location.  To learn more about Keanna and to listen to one of her editions of Evening Jazz or to learn where she’ll be spinning next click here.

JAZZ – David Muse – Jazz Radio Aficionado

In Washington, DC WPFW 89.3 FM is and has been an institution for the genre of jazz since 1977.  The essence of the independent station has encouraged and given its DJs the freedom to play all forms and artists under the genre (as well as other music), so for The Classics – JAZZ it was important for me to interview one of these jazz ambassadors.

I approached DJ 2-Tone Jones (who along with other DJs produces a weekly hip hop show on WPFW called The ILL Street Grooves) about who to interview and he immediately put me onto David Muse.  Muse (the name says it all) has a weekly jazz show on the station, has been a radio jazz DJ since the age of 13, and has a commanding knowledge of the genre’s history.  Thanks David for your time and check the read below:

Growing up, who were some of the first artists/groups that you were listening to?

My parents loved to dance, so you could hear Jimmie Lunceford, Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, The Duke or even a group that was well known in this area and to the Black Troops overseas that traveled with the USO, The Sweetheart of Rhythm, which was one of the hottest all female big-bands of that time. My sister and brothers had me listening to everything from Paul Robeson on wax doing “Emperor Jones”, Charles Earland, Minnie Ripperton when she was with an all girl group, Funkadelic, Betty Davis, radio drama and so many more. It did not stop with my families household, uncles, aunts and cousins always had music and the best was my cousin Bo-Peep and Diz. Spending a day with Bo-Peep, no telling who would stop by for a few hours or days could be any of the greats that came to town. One Saturday, Miles walked in. I knew who he was at a very young age. He played and my cousin recorded him on reel-to-reel that day. I never heard any of that come out on an album. Ketter Betts, Sarah Vaughn. My brother Vince would take me to one of the hottest spots while in my early teens called “Ed Murphy’s Supper Club” on Georgia Ave. in DC. Read the rest of this entry