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2-Tone and I are really looking forward to this one and special thanks to Maori Karmael (Karmalux) for hooking this up!

COLOR of SOUND, the newest creative extension of the SHAOLIN JAZZ music project, which will debut at the first annual BlackStar Film Festival, will highlight the visuals (art, music videos, and event photography) that have been created and taken for SHAOLIN JAZZ.

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SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – ePosters

Ahmad Jamal


Ramsey Lewis


Created a series of ePosters that feature the members of Wu-Tang as well as the jazz artists whose samples are featured on SHAOLIN JAZZ – the mixtape to help promote its release.  I’ll be uploading a new ePoster everyday up through the release – 4.11.11.  Check daily and for more ePosters click the link below: Read the rest of this entry

The 37th Chamber – Listening Parties for SHAOLIN JAZZ (DC)

Its OFFICIAL!  After about 3+ months SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber is done.  This project has grown from just a “mixtape” to becoming, in my opinion, a full blown album and 2-Tone and I are developing a series of listening parties for DC, NYC, and LA.

Check out the flyer above for info regarding the first listening party which will take place in DC, Sat. March 26, at Palace 5ive – good lookin’ out Greg!

RSVP here and check out the ePosters here.

LIQUID SOUL – Portraits

Here are some of the portraits, shot by Teri Memlo (Rosina Photography), that were used in the video featured at LIQUID SOUL.

Big shout to everyone that participated, if you’re on Facebook search “Liquid Soul – arts experience” to see the full shoot, otherwise click the link for select joints: Read the rest of this entry

LIQUID SOUL – Recap Pics

LIQUID SOUL was one of the best times AM Radio has had in a while.  To be honest, the majority of our Live Art Murals are client based projects that seldom happen in DC and even when they do they aren’t events AM Radio is doing, so, for us, to execute LIQUID SOUL in DC for…well, us and to receive the kind of response we received was pretty gratifying.

Practically everything fell into place with attendees even arriving before 7pm.  From the Vitamin Water enhanced paints used by the artists, DJ 2-Tone Jones spinning rare grooves, a “flavors of DC” video shown featuring colorful portraits of DC area residents (AM Radio friends and family), and people taking full advantage of the Community Wall, LIQUID SOUL really took on a life of its own.

Big shout to everyone who came out, huge thanks to Vitamin Water for sharing our vision, Frank 151 and CityLife for the media support, the promo/pr hit squad (Kat, Akil, Tyrone, Cherisse, Alexis), Teri (Rosina Photography) for killing the photo shoots, Dax for the video, Alex, David, and Jeramie (The Fridge DC), and the AM Radio team (Gerald, BUCK!, Adra, PJ, Aniekan, 2-Tone, Wes, and Lance).

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Here are some teasers from the 1st and 2nd photo shoots that were shot for LIQUID SOUL – courtesy of Teri (Rosina Photography).

Hope to see you there where you can see all of the photos in a slide show that we’ve created and click the link for more shots: Read the rest of this entry

LIQUID SOUL – Photo Shoot pt. 2

Thanks to everyone that came through to Photo Shoot #2.   Its really impressive to see the support and interest everyone has shown in LIQUID SOUL which has been evident in the event’s build-up.

Can’t wait for everyone to see the portraits Teri took as well as the video shot by Dax.  Until then, check out the pics from my ’01 point-and-shoot: Read the rest of this entry

LIQUID SOUL – Photo Shoot pt. 1

Saturday was good vibes.  Checked out Kat’s (Lil So So) Sol Power event in Adams Morgan and then headed to Mosi Design for the AM Radio photo shoot for our LIQUID SOUL event.

I gotta say, watching the b-boy battle between Kokayi’s son and Rhome along with meeting my new niece (what’s up Syd!) had to be the highlights of my day.

Thanks to Rosina Teri Memolo for shooting, thanks to everyone that came out, and be on the lookout for pics from photo shoot #2.

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LIQUID SOUL – A Liquid Arts Experience

Really looking forward to this event – its one you don’t want to miss.  The illest thing about it is that this was conceived during a conversation Aniekan and I had 2-3 months ago:

Wednesday, Sept .1 at The Fridge DC, 7pm to 11pm, located in the rear alley of 516 8th St SE (across from Matchbox, Capitol Hill)

*Live painting: each live painting will be inspired by and painted using a flavor of Vitamin Water of the artist’s choosing

* Complimentary Vitamin Water

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Child of the Street

Last Sat. was full….

First, hit up Cre8 Space’s opening reception for their latest exhibition “Child of the Street”, which didn’t disappoint.  Some of the DC heavyweights whose work was featured included AM Radio, Teri Memlo, Kelly Towles, J. Coleman, Decoy, and Asad “Ultra” Walker.

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