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The Classics – JAZZ – Album Cover Art Exhibition – Recap

The Classics – JAZZ, as my final exhibition, was as good as I hoped it would be.  Tons of family and friends came through, Neal Becton (Som Records) and DJ 2-Tone Jones rocked jazz and jazz inspired hip hop, and the specialty drinks kept me easy.

Big shout to everyone that attended, Jeremy, Maiy, Simon and the crew at Lounge of III, Cherisse (crazy PR steez), and my past and current sponsors for supporting.

Be on the lookout for an event that’s a culmination of all of my exhibitions and be sure to check out the first track of SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber: Astral C.R.E.A.M – an extension of the jazz exhibition.

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Logan Walters – Wu-Note Style

I came across the creative work of Logan Walters some time ago while doing research for my first album cover art exhibition – RAP.

So, I’m up late clicking link after link and stumble across his jazz (Blue Note) inspired Wu-Tang covers which immediately struck a nerve.  Not because of me being a huge fan of Wu-Tang, which I am, and not because of me being a huge jazz fan, which I am – as I was pretty much raised on the music, but because of the combination of the two and how intelligently the designs were done. 

Since then, I’ve kept Logan in the back of my mind as one of those cats I wanetd to work with at some point and when it came time to do my JAZZ album cover art exhibition for The ClassicsLogan’s name popped up as someone that I wanted to interview. Now, of course I understand that these aren’t jazz albums but that they’re inspired by Reid Miles’ Blue Note album covers is the relevance to my project and with JAZZ being my final exhibition I wanted to do some different things with this one.  Take this as a sign of what’s to come.  Enjoy the read below:

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Logan Walters and I currently live just outside of Detroit Michigan in a nice little town called Ferndale. Read the rest of this entry

The Classics – Album Cover Art Exhibition – JAZZ


The Classics – Album Cover Art Exhibition – JAZZ

For those that have been following The Classics series – JAZZ will be the last exhibition, of the album art cover series.  With that being said, I’ve got the ILLEST cultural projects lined up so its only fitting to go out with a bang.

Stay tuned for more and until then check out the interview I did on Neal Becton, the owner of Som Records, who’ll be allowing me to exhibit his jazz album covers for the show.

The Classics – Series 4: REGGAE

The Classics – Series 4: REGGAE

Sun. July 18, 7pm-12am, Complimentary Smirnoff 7pm-9pm, DJ Cerebral, DJ 2-Tone Jones @ Lounge of III 1013 Ust NW….

I suggest you get there early for this one people.

REGGAE – History

Big Youth

Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare

Joe Higgs


The Classics – Series 4: REGGAE – soon come.

REGGAE – Frank Talk

Recently visited the home of Frank Talk whose MORE than thorough reggae album collection will be featured at The Classics – Series 4: REGGAE, in June.

This cat has CLASSICS – and, in addition to his duties as Editor-in-Chief of Words. Beats. Life’s Global Journal of Hip Hop Culture, be sure to check out his weekly set at Bread Soda (what up Steve!).

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The Classics – Series 3: ROCK – Event Pics

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The Classics: The ROCK Video

Roddy (Humble Monarch) produced another video GEM, this time for ROCK.  The intro is craze and the Santana edit is on constant replay!  Stop reading and press PLAY…