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Skeme Richards – What’s Good(?)

Hailing from Philadelphia, global DJ, cultural ambassador, and foodie (among many other hats), Skeme Richards has established himself as a connoisseur of cool for over 30 years.  Whether it was with his former imprint Hot Peas & Butta or his new venture Nostalgia King, Skeme is known globally as a tastemaker with roots in hip-hop, martial arts, and blaxploitation films.

As someone who’s been involved in the culture for so long, Skeme’s natural ability to connect people has allowed him to take advantage of the changing landscape that’s come with the spread of the internet and social media.  The self-proclaimed “pop culture preserver” says “I want to be the connector.  In the past, I feel like different scenes were so segregated.  I’m into 10 different things, so I want to connect people from those 10 different communities into one.”

With all of his ventures, his role as a DJ is still his bread and butter.  For example, he recently spun at the Marvel and Netflix collaboration, Marvel’s Luke Cage, an event that brought together the worlds of hip-hop and blaxploitation style television.  This is an extension of one of his most popular outlets, his all 45” vinyl parties originally known under Hot Peas & Butta.  

SHAOLIN JAZZ (interview via Myk Blauuw) recently had a chance to talk to Skeme on his career and how he’s seen things change over the years, as well as his favorite burger (he recently started his hamburger reviews in a section, on his website Nostalgia King, called “The Drop – A Conversation Over Beef”) and the one record he’s still on the hunt for.

Check out more of our conversation by clicking here: Read the rest of this entry


Skeme Richards / WHAT’S GOOD(?) / 11.13.17

We have a number of firsts this week and to add to that list we’d like to announce the launch of WHAT’S GOOD(?) – an editorial series where we interview and profile select influencers, innovators, and cultural purveyors who’s tastes and work are akin to ours.

And with our first edition of WHAT’S GOOD(?), which drops Monday November 13th, we talk to Skeme Richards: world renowned DJ, rare collectibles connoisseur, and martial arts films aficionado (to name a few hats).  Stay tuned for the drop.

2 Events – 1 Night

The last in the five-event Be You series closes with “Soul Overdose“. This year soul resident N’digo Rose and DJ Jahsonic hosted Yahzarah and Lady Alma in some of DC’s coolest spots. For the final hit, we are taking it back to where it all began, with our very special guest Phonte of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange acclaim.

Wed. Dec. 16

@LIV 2001 11th St. NW


DJ Jah-sonic – hip hop and rare grooves

Visit for tickets.

and on that same night….

PLAYTIME – Custom Toy & Art Party

Wed. Dec. 16

@ LIV 2001 11th St. NW

Custom Toys and Toy Art provided by AM Radio

FREE Entry w/Toy
9pm – 12am
Drink Specials
DJ Jahsonic – hip hop and rare grooves

*Special Guest Performer

Toys to benefit The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project and Northern VA Family Services Early Head Start Center.

*Please bring toys that inspire creativity and learning: building blocks, activity kits (oragami, necklace making), art supplies and children’s books that represent African American and Latino children.

Visit http://www.mbilashaka. com/amradio for more info.

Its going to be nuts!!!