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SHAOLIN JAZZ – College Lecture Series – 2012 Randoms (Part 2)

Check out another set of shots from our lectures and travels to and from them.  For more pics click Read the rest of this entry


SHAOLIN JAZZ – College Lecture Series – 2012 Randoms (Part 1)

Been taking random cell pics (in no particular order) of our travels with the SHAOLIN JAZZ – Lecture Series.  For more pics click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – NOLA Listening Party

Been keeping this one under wraps – so 2-Tone and I will be visiting a variety of colleges and universities where we’ll be giving talks about SHAOLIN JAZZ as well as discussing the parallels and similarities between both Jazz culture and Hip-Hop culture, with the University of Virginia being first.

To complement the talks we’ll also be doing listening parties in select markets.  Tulane University will be the second school we visit (shouts to Renard Bridgewater a.k.a. Slangston Hughes and Holly Hobbs for hooking it up) and will be the first market where we’ll be doing a listening party.  Big ups to Patrick at Sneaker Politics and Humid Beings for helping to spread the word and see you in NOLA Thursday February 2nd.

More coming soon…

DOCUMENT the Fresh – Opening Reception and Panel Discussion Recap

To be honest, I’m never sure what to expect when I develop anything creative and DOCUMENT the Fresh was no exception, especially considering the content and the intent of the exhibition.

Vickey, Dafna, and Teri really delivered what I was hoping for which were three distinct perspectives via the photos they’ve shot.

The opening reception and panel discussion for DOCUMENT the Fresh really took me by surprise.  Supreme turnout at the opening and the panel discussion turned out well too with a nice gathering of people who were very engaged with the photographers, their stories, their processes, and personalities.

Thanks to everyone that attended both events and shouts to Erwin, Stevenson, Ernest, and Jessica (Lamont Bishop Gallery) for agreeing to host the exhibition, Chris (Heineken), Keri-Ann (vitaminwater), Akil (Belvedere), Kat (Lil Soso Productions), Alexis (Madison Davenport),  Cherisse, Brandon (Fusicology), Winston (Couch Sessions), Tewodross (Art 408 Visual CultureM3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors), Roddy (Humble Monarch Media & Design), Sonya (UKS), and everyone that tweeted or dropped a Facebook post.

If you’re in the DC area or will be the exhibition will be up until Saturday November, 26th so make sure to stop by.

For more pics click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – The Full Project

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber.  The project is done and I’m not going to say much at all because 2-Tone and I want people to simply check the music:

Thank you


Check out this piece where 2-Tone and I discuss the origins along with the whys and hows of SHAOLIN JAZZ.  Shouts to Roddy Rod for shooting and editing and of course Logan Mills Walters whose album cover art served as inspiration for this project – see here.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – NYC Listening Party

The DC listening party for SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber was ALL THE WAY LIVE.  Lots of friends, fam, and tons of people that I did not know (which is always a good look) kept the doors of Palace 5ive open.

Will have post-event pics soon but let’s just say the energy was ill from 9pm till about 12am – Super Thorough SHOUTS to all that attended.  Being that this was the first time anyone had heard the music in its entirety we weren’t sure how people would take to it but surprise….the sounds were well received.

Tons of people to thank so check click the link below for a full list of brands and media that helped make this event an incredible experience and if you’re in NYC see you Thurs.  RSVP here and click here to check out Rogue Space Chelsea – the venue that’s hosting the NYC event.

Thank yous…… Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – ePosters

Ahmad Jamal


Ramsey Lewis


Created a series of ePosters that feature the members of Wu-Tang as well as the jazz artists whose samples are featured on SHAOLIN JAZZ – the mixtape to help promote its release.  I’ll be uploading a new ePoster everyday up through the release – 4.11.11.  Check daily and for more ePosters click the link below: Read the rest of this entry

Sound Bridge

After “Child of Street,” I jetted to the opening reception of “Sound Bridge” which is a new music festival produced by Stone and his team at The Couch Sessions.

The reception, which included complimentary drinks and was hosted at the home Madia (Biribelle) and Christine (Lunchbox Theory), featured a performance by “Sonny Moon” (think Esthero and Bjork).

Click the link for more pics – Read the rest of this entry