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COLOR of SOUND / The Bishop Gallery / Recap


20141024_172215Thanks to the art enthusiasts that attended COLOR of SOUND in NYC last Fri, The Bishop Gallery and its staff for hosting and providing additional support, Lex (Madison Davenport PR), Cherisse Rivera, Heineken, and props to all of the artists who participated – thoroughly diversifying the show through their unique range of works.  Despite traffic delays, which had us arrive in NYC hours after our intended time, we were able to hit the gallery in just enough to time finish installing the final pieces and special shout to Ernest (The Bishop Gallery) for accommodating our lateness and helping to hang.  On another note, I’ve got to pat myself on the back for hanging Aniekan’s works and props to 2-Tone for hanging the album cover installation.  For more recap photos click Read the rest of this entry

COLOR of SOUND / The Bishop Gallery / 10.24

Color of Sound_bishop 4The reception for our next COLOR of SOUND Art Exhibition (featuring works inspired by jazz, hip-hop, martial arts, and SHAOLIN JAZZ) will be Friday October 24th at The Bishop in Brooklyn.  Featured artists include Ola Kudu, KEEBS, Chris Carr, Aniekan Udofia, Tewodross Melchishua, and Brody Rose.  To RSVP click here.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – “How Sly” Video

Only satisfied with quality work, Tewodross shot me a line the other day with the remix of his own video for our SHAOLIN JAZZ track “How Sly.”  Check it out above and to check out more of Tewodross video work click here.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – “Scalp ‘Em” Video

The homie Tewodross Melchishua never disappoints on the video tip.  Whether its his live visual soundscapes, video mashups, or remixes, his creations are always engaging and this one is no different.  Check out his latest offering, as he blesses us with another video from the SHAOLIN JAZZ catalog – enter the music video for “Scalp ‘Em.”

For more of Tewodross’ work click here.

COLOR of SOUND – ePosters

Art by Aniekan Udofia

Videos by Tewodross Melchishua

The ePosters to promote our SHAOLIN JAZZ events have been well received and in-turn have been a staple of our marketing for them.  To see the range of ePosters for COLOR of SOUND click Read the rest of this entry


2-Tone and I are really looking forward to this one and special thanks to Maori Karmael (Karmalux) for hooking this up!

COLOR of SOUND, the newest creative extension of the SHAOLIN JAZZ music project, which will debut at the first annual BlackStar Film Festival, will highlight the visuals (art, music videos, and event photography) that have been created and taken for SHAOLIN JAZZ.

For more info click Read the rest of this entry

A Talk with the DREAM GIRLS

If you’ve enjoyed the SHAOLIN JAZZ – DREAM GIRLS Photo Shoots (Part 1, Part 2) then get to know the DREAM GIRLS better with a series of video interviews (produced by Tewodross Melchishua (That Soul Cinematic (TSC) where we discuss music, style, jazz among other topics.

To watch the videos click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video – Blue Hype

Check out the latest video from the SHAOLIN JAZZ catalog produced by Tewodross Melchishua (Art 408 Visual CultureM3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors) for the track “Blue Hype.

As you watch please check for the details and layers Tewodross uses to draw you in.

Stay tuned for more…

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video – Brew Out

This experience producing SHAOLIN JAZZ has allowed me to meet a number of innovators, of various disciplines, and one such person is Tewodross Melchishua – the cat who produced the video above for the SHAOLIN JAZZ track “Brew Out.”

In addition to Tewodross’ video production talents he’s also an educator that teaches an in-demand hip-hop course at Bowie State called Art 408 Visual Culture, what he calls “a visual study of hip-hop and B-Boy culture, urban/contemporary art.”  And if that wasn’t enough Tewodross also curates a hip-hop exhibition called M3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors.

I’d actually seen Tewodross’ video work at different events, not knowing who he was, but 2-Tone gave me the proper intro as he thought his Live Video Mixing or as Tewodross calls it “Visual Music” would be a perfect addition to our listening parties in addition to him also creating his brand of videos for tracks from SHAOLIN JAZZ.

Tewodross’ “Visual Music,” (a unique blend of vintage pictures, video, verbiage, sounds, and colors) complemented our PHILA Listening Party like he’d been with the team since day one, so lookout for him at our listening parties and we’ll also be releasing a new SHAOLIN JAZZ video of his every month.  Click here to check out more of Tewodross’ video mixes and stay tuned for the iLL.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – PHILA Listening Party – Photo Recap

Philly has always been a good look for DJ 2-Tone Jones and I and this time was no different.  From our discussion about SHAOLIN JAZZ at Temple University to the listening party later that evening at Vivant Art Collection – the SHAOLIN JAZZ activities that went down last weekend were on point!

Lots of  people to thank but its very necessary, as 2-Tone and I weren’t expecting to receive half as much love as we thought we would and that’s only due to a list of individuals that worked to help us do so.

Thanks to Jeana (Temple Univ) for inviting us to speak, Madia – for the introduction to Florcy, Florcy (Vivant Art Collection) for hosting the listening party, Alexis (Madison Davenport PR), Supa Tang for the constant spins on your radio show, Aniekan (Live Art), Tewodross  – live video mixing (That Soul Cinematic), Chris Carr for shooting (Eat the Cake NYC ), Phil (Accommodations), Ed (Chairman’s Reserve Rum), Robert (vitaminwater), YaYa (Red Bull), Rahsaan (AfroTaino), LaNeshe (Painted Bride Project), Edwin, Meaghan (Uristocrat), Tayyib, Meegan ( mag), Lindsay, Asia (our lovely bartenders) and everyone that attended.

For more pics, courtesy of Chris Carr who injected his photos with the iLL, click: Read the rest of this entry