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2 Events, 1 Space, 1 Night – Recap

Despite having 2 events…in the same space (different floors)…on the same night, and some hurdles to um…hurdle, both Playtime and Soul Overdose came off rather well.

The attendance was crazy, tons of toys were collected for both The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project and The No. VA. Family Services Head Start Center, and N’Digo Rose, and Phonte (earning a well deserved Grammy nod) both killed Soul Overdose.

Thanks to Kat (Lil Soso), AM Radio (PJ killed the live mural), Karim (Smirnoff),  Sandra (SCION), and Dave (Frank 151) for supporting.

Check the link below for more pics…..

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2 Events – 1 Night

The last in the five-event Be You series closes with “Soul Overdose“. This year soul resident N’digo Rose and DJ Jahsonic hosted Yahzarah and Lady Alma in some of DC’s coolest spots. For the final hit, we are taking it back to where it all began, with our very special guest Phonte of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange acclaim.

Wed. Dec. 16

@LIV 2001 11th St. NW


DJ Jah-sonic – hip hop and rare grooves

Visit for tickets.

and on that same night….

PLAYTIME – Custom Toy & Art Party

Wed. Dec. 16

@ LIV 2001 11th St. NW

Custom Toys and Toy Art provided by AM Radio

FREE Entry w/Toy
9pm – 12am
Drink Specials
DJ Jahsonic – hip hop and rare grooves

*Special Guest Performer

Toys to benefit The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project and Northern VA Family Services Early Head Start Center.

*Please bring toys that inspire creativity and learning: building blocks, activity kits (oragami, necklace making), art supplies and children’s books that represent African American and Latino children.

Visit http://www.mbilashaka. com/amradio for more info.

Its going to be nuts!!!

The Classics – Series 2: SOUL – Event Pics

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The Classics – Series 2: The Drink Menu

Good lookin’ out Jeremy (Lounge of 3) for creating the mixes.  Last time the “Too Short” was the favorite.  Wonder which one of these will take first place during SOUL.

See you Dec. 2…..

The Classics – Series 2: SOUL


Still can’t believe its around the corner (Wed. Dec. 2) but here we are at The Classics – Series 2: SOUL.

Been having just as much fun with this version as the first along with giving you guys, both online and off, some cool extras, strong if not stronger content, and if things go my way – my surprise feature will blow minds.

Big shouts to Karim (Smirnoff), Jeremy (Lounge of 3) Amy and Dana (The Source), DJ YZO, Nick Da 1da, DJ 2-Tone Jones, Soul 1 (Frank White Gallery NYC), Tom Nikosey, and Mike (Rock Pop Gallery).

Click the link below for the official press release and I hope to see you there….

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The Classics – The Mixtape Vol. 2


Download and listen to The Classics – The Mixtape Vol. 2 (courtesy of DJ 2-Tone Jones) while you check out the event pics below….

The Classics – Event Pics

classics_event_rap (5)

classics_event_rap (2)

classics_event_rap (8)

classics_event_rap (7)

classics_event_rap (37)

classics_event_rap (30)

Big Thanks to everyone that came out and supported The Classics on Wednesday.  Guests really seemed to take-to and enjoy the concept: from the albums, to the music, to the themed drinks (the ‘Too Short” was the best seller!), good vibes and energy flowed through both floors.

Its been a while since I’ve enjoyed myself that much at something I was doing, as I’m usually running crazy and the event is over before I know it, so doing this was a nice change of pace.

The scene, straight up, took me back – strangers interacting with each other, dancing, networking, sharing stories, people discussing their favorite artists and groups, letting the albums and music generate conversation, and a number of them reading The Source.  In addition to that, just meeting a so many people that appreciated an event of this nature, and even asking about the next series was especially rewarding.

Thanks to the supporting people and brands that helped make this possible: Jeremy (Lounge of 3), Karim, Victoria (Smirnoff), Amy, Dana (The Source), Cey Adams, DJ Roddy Rod, DJ 2-Tone Jones, Soul 1 (Frank White Space) and Hayat and Sam (Smirnoff Ladies).  You all really came through in a major way!

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The Classics – The RAP Video

Here is cultural project #3 – The Video.   Big shout to DJ Roddy Rod (Low Budget Crew, Humble Monarch Media) for producing the video for The Classics.  Here you can view a variety of the album covers (plus many more) that are featured in the show along with interviews on a few of Rap music’s pivotal artists and groups.

The Classics – The Interview: Cey Adams, Pt. 2


Here’s part 2 of the Cey Adams interview (see you tonight at The Classics):

Cey: This is the same building that Def Jam used to be in.  60 Varick, right here in this building and they were on the same floor that Def Jam used to be on so, it’s really special for me; they have three floors and so one of their three floors was Def Jam’s old space before they officially went corporate and moved uptown.

Soul 1: Nice.

Cey: So, this is like a homecoming for me, and so, working with them is really, it’s really emotional just being in this space again, and just seeing, you know, what different form it’s taken 15 years later or whatever it’s been. Read the rest of this entry

The Classics – An Album Cover Art Exploration


Been working on this for about 3 months and its finally here –  The Classics will be going down next Wed. and, if you’ve been following my blog at all, you’ll see that I’ve got some great surprises for you.

Stay tuned  for more updates and read below for the “formal” press release:

Washington, DC – The Beastie Boys’ “Licensed to Ill,” Run DMC’s “King of Rock,” and Tribe Called Quest’s “Low End Theory;” those are just a few of the ground breaking artists and albums that conjure up nostalgic sounds, fashion, imagery, and dance moves that helped shape Hip Hop culture – specifically, Rap music.

And beginning on Wednesday September 30th, Art vs Commerce, Smirnoff Vodka and The Source Magazine will partner to form The Classics – an album cover art series that will feature over 25 of the those classic Rap music album covers, courtesy of DJ 2-Tone Jones.  In addition to the exhibition, DJ 2-Tone Jones and Nick Da 1da will spin a variety of those timeless records, while guests are treated to themed complimentary cocktails, courtesy of Smirnoff (7pm-9pm).

The goal of The Classics, whose first exhibition entitled RAP, will take place on Wednesday September 30th at Lounge of 3 – 1013 U Street NW from 5pm-9pm, is to bring visibility to and celebrate the role that iconic album cover artwork has played as a cross-cultural communicator, between artists and fans, specifically within the genres of Rap, Soul/Funk, and Reggae music.

Each gallery styled event (produced by Art vs Commerce) will have, on exhibit, an assortment of album covers that are specific to a genre of music, with the criteria for album cover selection being based on creativity, rarity, and song and artist/group significance.  To help bring these visuals to life, the events will also be accompanied by a DJ who will play music – specific to the event’s genre.

In addition to the exhibitions, a series of cultural projects, which will be used both on and offsite, will also be developed in support of each event.  These projects include a:

– Mixtape: a journey via soundscape

– Interview: first hand account from a primary source.  RAP: Cey Adams

– DVD: a mixed media package featuring videos, interviews, and publicity shots of the artists/groups featured

– Themed drink menu

For more information visit or call 202.460.3594.