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DOCUMENT the Fresh – Closing Reception

Hey good people, we’re doing a closing reception for the DOCUMENT the Fresh – Event & Concert Photography Exhibition, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to check the exhibition (or even if you have) please come out and party with us as we celebrate one of the most unique exhibitions DC has seen.


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DOCUMENT the Fresh – Interviews: Rosina “Teri” Memolo

Who or what first got you interested in photography?

My mom had a dark room as early as I can remember and a great set of Nikon SLRs that I still have. While other parents were charting their kid’s growth by plopping their hands in plaster, my mom was making monoprints of our hands in the darkroom on photographic paper. I was always around red safe lights and trays of chemicals. I used to love to hang out in the dark and watch the image appear in the developer like it was magic.

Early on what were some of the first things that you began to document? 

I remember shooting my mom’s wedding when I was 12 with my little disc camera and the pics turning out really well (a feat since the disc negatives were tiny).

I remember some beautiful black and white shots on the mall with dramatic lighting, scenes of the museums and kids playing. The pics turned out nothing like a typical 13 year old’s, except for the clowning pics of my friend, me and a box of Little Debbies.

Mostly, I remember taking close ups of objects. I really liked playing with the depth of field of the macro lenses, of course I had no idea what I was doing, it just was fun to me.

What is it about photography that you most enjoy?

I enjoy the challenge of making the image in the camera what I see in real life or what I want to see. I also enjoy telling a story with photographs.

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DOCUMENT the Fresh – “The Discussion”

DOCUMENT the Fresh presents “The Discussion”

– A panel discussion, where the three photographers of DOCUMENT the Fresh (Rosina “Teri” Memolo, Dafna Steinberg, and Vickey Ford) will share their stories and experiences as women photographers, women who shoot events and concerts, and other related topics; moderated by Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi.Lamont Bishop Gallery – 1314 9th St. NW
Sunday November, 6th
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