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CAN I KICK IT? / Art All Night / Recap

(photo: jgyszn)

Despite some untimely tech issues, our experience at Art All Night couldn’t have gone better and we certainly hope that we were able to deliver a memorable experience for everyone who attended.

The good weather helped set the stage, which allowed Terence Nicholson to set the tone with another fiery martial arts demonstration, and it was great getting to vibe with old friends while creating new ones through educating them on the history of SHAOLIN JAZZ and what we do.  The corner of North Cap and Florida will never be the same.

Thanks to Art All Night for having us out, shouts to JaMon for both documenting the event and assisting with the merch table, props to everyone who helped spread the word, including those who posted recaps, and thanks to everyone who attended.

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Summer Flicks x CAN I KICK IT? / feat Rumble in the Bronx / Recap

We strive to bring you truly unique experiences, with our SHAOLIN JAZZ engagements, and with this year’s Summer Flicks x CAN I KICK IT? outdoor series we’ve not only expanded the number and styles of DJs to open before select movies, but we also wanted to curate a range of martial arts demonstrations featuring a range of styles.  And at this past Tuesday’s CAN I KICK IT? we were proud to feature, to even bigger crowd of attendees, the the International Capoeira Angola Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as those who spread the word, and we hope to see you next Tues June 19 as we bring you Eddie Murphy’s iconic martial arts – comedy, The Golden Child.

DJ P.U.D.G.E open things up at 7:30 PM, along with games and activities provided by DPR with the movie starting around 8:45 PM.

For more info/RSVP click here.

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Summer Flicks x CAN I KICK IT? feat Rumble in the Bronx / 6.12.18

The party continues…..join us, at Freedom Plaza, as we enter week #2 of our outdoors series, with DowntownDC BID, this Tues June 12 for our second film – Rumble in the Bronx starring martial arts action star Jackie Chan.

The evening gets started at 7:30 PM at Freedom Plaza with a capoeira demonstration by the International Capoeira Angola Foundation, in addition games and activities.  For more inf/RSVP click here.

CAN I KICK IT? back at Freedom Plaza / Summer 2018

We’re excited to announce that we and the DowntownDC Bid are back this summer to conduct CAN I KICK IT? at Freedom Plaza, June – August 2018.  More details soon…

CAN I KICK IT? / feat. Drunken Master / 2.27

Join us for CAN I KICK IT? this month, on Tues. Feb. 27th at Songbyrd, as we feature Drunken Master starring martial arts icon Jackie Chan.  And this month in the pop-up shop will be our SHAOLIN JAZZ product line.  To RSVP/info click here.

The Classics – REGGAE – Recap Pics

The Classics – Series 4: REGGAE was so cool.  Cool album covers, cool peole, cool music, and of course some cool drinks.

Anyone that missed out please enjoy of the pics and the cultural projects that have been developed (mixtape, interviews, video, etc…) and be on the lookout for JAZZ, which will be the last event in the album cover series.

Big shout to everyone that came out and super big shouts to Karim, Nicole, Victoria (Smirnoff), Kat (Lil So So), Akil (Akil Waite Events), Cherisse (Bordem Is  Dirty Word), Jerome (Stussy DC), Jeremy, Maiya and Simon (Lounge of III), Samiya and Janelle (Hostesses), Jef Tate, DJ Cerebral, and DJ 2-Tone Jones.

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REGGAE – History

Dean Fraser


Burning Spear

The Classics – The Interview: Jim Debarros, Part 2

Describe your thoughts when you were first introduced to Super Cat’s project?  Were you familiar with him prior to his US release?

I wasn’t aware of him but I knew that dancehall was becoming popular because someone else was working on Shabba Ranks. I don’t recall a specific feeling about the music but I remember our first meeting at Sony Music. We spoke a bit about what he wanted for the cover and getting new photos for press. It was a little hard for me to understand him because his accent was thick. I kept asking him to repeat himself. Hopefully he wasn’t too annoyed with me.

Were you at all a fan of reggae and or dancehall music?  What were your initial thoughts after listening to some of his records?

I was probably a ‘casual’ fan of reggae. I listened to Bob Marley and the Wailers of course, but I wouldn’t say I was an enthusiast or super knowledgeable. At the end of the day, I didn’t need to be a fan personally but I did need to know what Super Cat’s fans liked about him and what were their expectations for the artist. Read the rest of this entry

The Classics – The Interview: Jim DeBarros, Part 1

While researching for album cover designers for the reggae edition of The Classics I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to find one, as most of the designers/illustrators that created work for the classic Reggae and Dancehall albums were based in Jamaica and the contact info on the albums was either non-existent or dated.

Needless to say, I stuck to my guns and discovered a graphic designer by the name of Jim Debarros who essentially created the identity for Super Cat’s first US releases, in addition to many notable album covers for some of music’s most renowned artists/groups.  Check out Part 1 below:

Many NYC designers say that their borough and or NYC had an almost inherent influence on their attitude or style.  Being that you’re from Brooklyn, would you say the same applies to you?  If so, how?

Certainly in my case I would say that’s true. I grew up across the street from Pratt Institute. My earliest friends were the children of architects, illustrators and designers. Our neighbors were former Pratt grads and they were an influence not just on me but the neighborhood itself. Tom Feelings, Ted and Betsy Lewin, Walter Steinhilber and many others were familiar to me and present either as people I could see and talk to or witness their work firsthand.  

Did your upbringing and or family-life have an effect on how you developed creatively?  If so, in what ways?

I would say my family was always supportive. We had art in the house and we were exposed to many things. Whether it was a visit to a museum or just friends who work in jewelry or pottery my folks allowed me to see that there were many possibilities. I should add that my father was an advertising executive with Doyle Dane & Bernbach so he was regularly engaged in the creative process as it applied to television commercials. Read the rest of this entry

The Classics – REGGAE – The Video

Roddy Rod again on video production.  Be sure to check him out at Humble Monarch to see his full range of creative capabilities.