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Skeme Richards – What’s Good(?)

Hailing from Philadelphia, global DJ, cultural ambassador, and foodie (among many other hats), Skeme Richards has established himself as a connoisseur of cool for over 30 years.  Whether it was with his former imprint Hot Peas & Butta or his new venture Nostalgia King, Skeme is known globally as a tastemaker with roots in hip-hop, martial arts, and blaxploitation films.

As someone who’s been involved in the culture for so long, Skeme’s natural ability to connect people has allowed him to take advantage of the changing landscape that’s come with the spread of the internet and social media.  The self-proclaimed “pop culture preserver” says “I want to be the connector.  In the past, I feel like different scenes were so segregated.  I’m into 10 different things, so I want to connect people from those 10 different communities into one.”

With all of his ventures, his role as a DJ is still his bread and butter.  For example, he recently spun at the Marvel and Netflix collaboration, Marvel’s Luke Cage, an event that brought together the worlds of hip-hop and blaxploitation style television.  This is an extension of one of his most popular outlets, his all 45” vinyl parties originally known under Hot Peas & Butta.  

SHAOLIN JAZZ (interview via Myk Blauuw) recently had a chance to talk to Skeme on his career and how he’s seen things change over the years, as well as his favorite burger (he recently started his hamburger reviews in a section, on his website Nostalgia King, called “The Drop – A Conversation Over Beef”) and the one record he’s still on the hunt for.

Check out more of our conversation by clicking here: Read the rest of this entry


AI is my favorite player

Allen Iverson is hands down my favorite basketball player, so when I came across this gem I had to post.

The funny thing is is that when I was going to Hampton Univ. I got a chance to see him play maybe a year or so before he went to Georgetown Univ and the stuff he was doing on those courts on campus was WAY iller than what’s in these highlights, sans breaking Michael Jordan’s ankles.


SHAOLIN JAZZ – PHILA Listening Party – Photo Recap

Philly has always been a good look for DJ 2-Tone Jones and I and this time was no different.  From our discussion about SHAOLIN JAZZ at Temple University to the listening party later that evening at Vivant Art Collection – the SHAOLIN JAZZ activities that went down last weekend were on point!

Lots of  people to thank but its very necessary, as 2-Tone and I weren’t expecting to receive half as much love as we thought we would and that’s only due to a list of individuals that worked to help us do so.

Thanks to Jeana (Temple Univ) for inviting us to speak, Madia – for the introduction to Florcy, Florcy (Vivant Art Collection) for hosting the listening party, Alexis (Madison Davenport PR), Supa Tang for the constant spins on your radio show, Aniekan (Live Art), Tewodross  – live video mixing (That Soul Cinematic), Chris Carr for shooting (Eat the Cake NYC ), Phil (Accommodations), Ed (Chairman’s Reserve Rum), Robert (vitaminwater), YaYa (Red Bull), Rahsaan (AfroTaino), LaNeshe (Painted Bride Project), Edwin, Meaghan (Uristocrat), Tayyib, Meegan ( mag), Lindsay, Asia (our lovely bartenders) and everyone that attended.

For more pics, courtesy of Chris Carr who injected his photos with the iLL, click: Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – PHILA Listening Party – Recap Video

Shouts to Omar A. Carter for shooting some D.I.Y. footage of the SHAOLIN JAZZ – PHILA Listening Party.  Full recap with photos coming soon.  Enjoy…

New Classics Listening Party – Philly

phila_listening (3)

phila_listening (5)

phila_listening (23)

phila_listening (27)

phila_listening (31)

phila_listening (17)

phila_listening (26)

phila_listening (10)

phila_listening (29)

phila_listening (9)

phila_listening (2)

phila_listening (4)

Philly is, hands down, one of the illest cities in the US, making the “New Classics Listening Party,” that touched down there, one of the most enjoyable experiences of the tour.
In brief: a picture-perfect spring/summer day and evening on South St, complimentary Heineken, Red Bull and Vitamin Water, a very music savvy crowd including Shaman Work’s own Wale Oyejide and Born Free (Wise Intelligent’s Mngr), fresh goods from adidas and Frank 151 (Phat shout to Todd Nisbet – Chop Shop, Frank 151 fitteds), and superior sounds provided by DJ 2-Tone Jones and Philly’s own DJ Junior.
Thank you to all of those that made it out, all of our sponsors for supporting: Jason and the staff – adidas South St, Dave – Frank 151, Ya Ya – Red Bull, D – Heineken, Robert, Leah, and Todd – Vitamin Water,  ILL Photoz  for taking some snaps, and last but not least – the Shaman Work Staff.  I’d also like to send a special thank you to Julia from adidas HQ for supporting!