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The Classics – JAZZ – Album Cover Art Exhibition – Recap

The Classics – JAZZ, as my final exhibition, was as good as I hoped it would be.  Tons of family and friends came through, Neal Becton (Som Records) and DJ 2-Tone Jones rocked jazz and jazz inspired hip hop, and the specialty drinks kept me easy.

Big shout to everyone that attended, Jeremy, Maiy, Simon and the crew at Lounge of III, Cherisse (crazy PR steez), and my past and current sponsors for supporting.

Be on the lookout for an event that’s a culmination of all of my exhibitions and be sure to check out the first track of SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber: Astral C.R.E.A.M – an extension of the jazz exhibition.

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JAZZ – Neal Becton

Went by Neal Becton’s (Som Records) place on Wed. to pick up the album covers for JAZZ, where I met his very cute family.  Like most DJs (who also own record stores) his place is centered around music and he put some cool sounds which helped going through his 1000’s of jazz albums that much easier.

I’m not going to even mention the number of records he’s amassed in his personal collection – let’s just say that the pics only show a small portion.

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The Classics – Album Cover Art Exhibition – JAZZ


The Classics – Album Cover Art Exhibition – JAZZ

For those that have been following The Classics series – JAZZ will be the last exhibition, of the album art cover series.  With that being said, I’ve got the ILLEST cultural projects lined up so its only fitting to go out with a bang.

Stay tuned for more and until then check out the interview I did on Neal Becton, the owner of Som Records, who’ll be allowing me to exhibit his jazz album covers for the show.

DC’s Vinyl Heaven – Som Records

During the promotion of my first The Classics exhibition (RAP) I came across a local shop, that specializes in vinyl records, by the name of Som Records.

The owner, Neal Becton, was cool about promoting that event, and the others to follow, as well as being very cool about me doing some preliminary research, for my editorial projects, from the vinyl in his store.

Considering Neal’s Som Records is a diamond in the rough in this digital age I definitely wanted to put those that don’t know in the-know while providing some background info about him and Som for those that thought they did….

Where are you from and (or) where’d you grow up?

I’ve lived all over but I moved to Atlanta in the 5th Grade and stayed there through high school. The ATL is home although I’ve lived longer in DC now (22 years).

Who are some of the artists/groups that you were into growing up?

The first stuff I loved was mostly classic rock – Yes, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zep, Traffic, etc. My parents also had a lot of old country and blues records around so I liked those genres too. Once I got to college I discovered jazz and then everything else after that.

Are you musically inclined?  If so, what instruments do you play?  Were you ever in any bands/groups?

Not really. I played the cello for two years and tried to play the guitar but was never very good at either. I’ve always loved and paid attention to music even as a little kid. Read the rest of this entry