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BE YOU x Smirnoff x INAS – Recap

soul_overdose_aug09 (1)

soul_overdose_aug09 (4)

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soul_overdose_aug09 (10)

soul_overdose_aug09 (13)

soul_overdose_aug09 (12)

soul_overdose_aug09 (15)

soul_overdose_aug09 (17)

The 2nd BE YOU x Smirnoff event – “In The Artist’s Studio,” featuring N’dambi, was pure good vibes.

The sold out (damn near standing room only) show created a familiar familial vibe that many have to come charaterize Kat’s/Lil Soso’s events.

This was my first time seeing N’dambi live, so I was pleasantly surprised by her smooth acoustic set, her range and a warming energy her aura emitted.  The energy was so good, in fact, it seemed as if more than half the attendees stayed for autographs, continuing conversations, and merchandise. 

In addition to a top notch show and introspective Q&A, the coolest part of the evening was perhaps the star studded photograph of the entertainers that attended that night….

BE YOU is definitely picking up steam and after checking out how dope Lady Alma is I can’t wait for her Soul Overdose performance – Tues. Sept. 29.


BE YOU x Smirnoff – Inside The Artist’s Studio


The next BE YOU x Smirnoff event is right around the corner and this session will feature a most unique program and (neo)soul artist. 

This Monday, August 17, at Bus Boys and Poets (14th & Vst NW) come hang out with friends and family, as BE YOU, Smirnoff and “Inside The Artist’s Studio” welcomes soul songtress N’dambi.

Doors open at 9pm, complimentary Smirnoff cocktails and drink specials will be available, general admission is $10 cover and $8 if you come with your BE x Smirnoff jump drive.

Visit for more info.

BE YOU x Smirnoff – Soul Overdose Recap

byou_soul_overdose_jul09 (17)

byou_soul_overdose_jul09 (12)

byou_soul_overdose_jul09 (14)

byou_soul_overdose_jul09 (4)

byou_soul_overdose_jul09 (9)

The first BE YOU event, Soul Overdose, set the tone for what will be an amazing event series for DC (I’ll be posting better pics and video soon).

A chill space, a who’s who of DC’s influencers and music lovers, complimentary beverages provided by Smirnoff,  and Yahzarah and N’digo Rose killed it! 

Overall, Soul Overdose is one of the most organic events that I’ve been involved with, with an unmistakeable family-like energy and atmosphere.

With that said, the next BE YOU event, In The Artist Studio, will take place Mon. Aug. 17 at the Busboys and Poets on 14th & Ust, and will feature N’dambi….you need to be there.

Visit for more info and be sure to hit up one of Lil Soso’s events to pick up one of the limited edition specialty BE YOU x Smirnoff jump drives to get a discount on admittance to one of the BE YOU events.