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JAZZ – Michael Cuscuna (Mosaic Records)

Mosaic Records is a powerhouse in the record industry, specifically jazz, as they produce (and have been doing so since ’83) or more accurately – they craft the definitive box sets (Mosaic is considered the originator of the category) for a number of jazz greats.  The level of detail of these collectors sets can of course be only produced by true jazz/music scientists so I was extremely happy when Michael Cuscuna (one of the founders and owners of the label) took some time out of his schedule to be interviewed.

Enjoy the read:

When you were younger who or what first introduced you to jazz?  Was the music apart of your home life?

There wasn’t much music around my house. But I loved R&B and got a learner set of drums at 11. I started to buy Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and Max Roach records just for the drum solos. Gradually the music around the drum solos grabbed me and I was hooked on jazz.

What was it about the music that led to your “light bulb” moment where you said, “This is what I want to being for the rest of my life?”

There were certain artists like Art Blakey and John Coltrane – the power and majesty of their sounds just made me feel twice as happy and alive as I’d ever been before. I was absolutely consumed by them (and others) and knew I wanted to be close to this music forever.

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