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CAN I KICK IT? – Kung Fu Flics + Classic Hip-Hop


A few months back I talked to 2-Tone about the idea of doing a SHAOLIN JAZZ event series in DC, as all of our lectures, events, etc. take place outside of the DMV (which is where we’re based), and the idea of screening Kung-Fu flims and playing classic hip-hop came to mind.  Its a simple concept akin to all lovers of hip-hop and Kung-Fu flics – those week or weekend nights where everyone gathers at one friend’s crib to eat, watch, drink, listen, freestyle (not all in that order) and the idea of doing CAN I KICK IT? was birthed.

We’d been in search of a venue and Kat (Lil Soso Productions) approached me about doing a SHAOLIN JAZZ event to be apart of a series of events she was curating for a new DC spot called Cause and asked if we’d be down, so…

Join us for the launch of CAN I KICK IT? – a unique, monthly event series catered to lovers of Martial Arts flicks, the music inspired by the films, and everything else in between.  Starting Sunday December 8th (and taking place every 2nd Sunday thereafter) @ Cause, 5pm-9pm, CAN I KICK IT? will consist of two films being screened throughout the venue with attendees also enjoying a soundtrack of Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and cinema soundbites mixed live by DJ 2-Tone JonesSHAOLIN JAZZ artwork and additional visuals on display as well.

To check out the film schedule and for additional visuals click Read the rest of this entry


MAKE NO!SE x Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi x Native Shoes – Photo Shoot

When I first started MAKE NO!SE there were a number of individuals that I knew I wanted to highlight and Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi was one of them.  I first met Kat (via a mutual friend) at a house warming party for a friend of ours about 6-8 years ago and it was during that first conversation (while Kat explained what she did and would like to do) all that I could think of was “DRIVEN.”  She’s one of those people that has a genuinely positive aura and energy about themselves, armed with fresh ideas and a self-motivating drive to make them happen and happen correctly.

Her company, Lil SoSo Productions, produces some of the most eclectic and concept driven events (ed. note – she’s NOT a promoter), in addition to managing an array of colorful artists and DJs, the DC area (and the east coast for that matter) has to offer.  Through the years I’ve worked with Kat on a variety of projects and its always amazing to run with individuals who can bring their visions to life.

Check out the photo shoot and corresponding video which highlight Kat through her home office and events she developed and executed for Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix” DJ reality show.  Photography by Rosina Photography, video by Opiyo Okeyo, product support by Native Shoes.   Click the link below to see the full shoot:

To see the entire shoot click here: Read the rest of this entry

MAKE NO!SE x Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi x Native Shoes – Video

To see the photo shoot click here.

MAKE NO!SE x Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi x Native Shoes

This next edition of MAKE NO!SE hits home, as the subject is a good friend of mine.  Stay tuned for the segment which will drop Monday October 3rd, 2011.

Subject: Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi

Occupation: Concept Event Producer

Company: Lil SoSo Productions, LLC

Brand Partner: Native Shoes

Photography: Rosina Photo

Video: Stellar Creative

For past editions of MAKE NO!SE visit Link 1 (Photo Shoot, Video), Link 2 (Photo Shoot, Video) and Link 3 (Photo Shoot, Video), and check the link below for the ePosters: Read the rest of this entry

The 37th Chamber – Listening Parties for SHAOLIN JAZZ (DC)

Its OFFICIAL!  After about 3+ months SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber is done.  This project has grown from just a “mixtape” to becoming, in my opinion, a full blown album and 2-Tone and I are developing a series of listening parties for DC, NYC, and LA.

Check out the flyer above for info regarding the first listening party which will take place in DC, Sat. March 26, at Palace 5ive – good lookin’ out Greg!

RSVP here and check out the ePosters here.

Smirnoff Master of the Mix – FINALE Viewing Party – Recap (Photos)

The Smirnoff Master of the Mix – Finale Viewing Party at Muse capped off the series perfectly.  Congrats to DJ Scratch for pulling off the win and congrats to Kat and her Lil Soso team for pulling off a very successful series of viewing parties.

Check out more pics – courtesy of Candice (I Love It When you Give Me Cookies) by clicking Read the rest of this entry

“Party Rockers”: Master of the Mix Viewing Party: Episode 1

Check out the first in a series of video recaps for Party Rockers – the Smirnoff Master of the Mix viewing parties here in DC.  Thanks for my face-time Kat!

AudioTRIP – RECAP Video

Just received the above recap video from Kat (Lil SoSo Productions) of coverage from her AudioTRIP event.

Big shout to my homegirl Elise Perry and her Beaux ArtsMedia crew for the production and yes, it was that much fun.

When Harlem Came to Paris – Event Pics

When Harlem Came to Paris ’10 has continued upon the successes of previous years.  The following and aesthetic (back-story, sounds, food, people, dress, etc..) that WHCTP is building is effortlessly molding this event into one of the more culturally significant programs of the year, and it’s only getting bigger.

Thank you to all who attended, our sponsors, Sylvain and the Alliance Francais d’Washington, this year’s cast, Jen and Dionne (bar staff), Carlos and his phenomenal culinary team, and Kat (visionary to fruition!) and her Lil Soso team.

Click the link below for more pics and see you in 2011…. Read the rest of this entry

SADE Listening Party

Went to the SADE listening party Kat did on Wed.  Very well done: decent crowd, beautiful women, SADE’s new music and complimentary Ciroc and hors d’hourves.  I got you on Feb. 9 SADE!

Click the link for more pics….. Read the rest of this entry