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SHAOLIN JAZZ – College and Univ Lecture Series 2014 – Randoms (Part 1)





2014 has been our busiest year yet and with having to deal with what seems like a never-ending winter we, like so many, certainly trooped through “old man winter” and his brothers.  With us fortunately seeing more lectures this year I’ve got 100s of pics which will have me breaking down the recap into three parts.

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Shouts to Kate at New Balance for hooking up 2-Tone and I with some fresh kicks for our upcoming SHAOLIN JAZZ College Lectures.  Stay tuned for dates and additional info.  #StayFly.  For more pics click Read the rest of this entry

The SHAOLIN JAZZ Project – College Lecture – Univ Wyoming

University of Wyoming is up next and we’ll have the very fortunate pleasure of spending two days on their campus with programming that will consist of a panel discussion and live concert (SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE), which will include Sound of the City backing 2-Tone on  Wednesday November 7th and another edition of our COLOR of SOUND art exhibition, which, in addition to our work, will include work from various UYWO students.

Thanks to the Wyoming Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, Michael Lange, Kayla Luneman, and Ashley Rama Dallum for coordinating the events.

The SHAOLIN JAZZ Project – College and Univ Lecture Series 2012

University of Virginia

As I mentioned before, 2-Tone and I will be visiting a variety of colleges and universities where we’ll be giving talks about SHAOLIN JAZZ as well as discussing the parallels and similarities between both Jazz culture and Hip-Hop culture and University of Virginia will  be first.

Thanks to Dion Lewis (UVA – Office of African American Affairs) and the Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO) bringing us out and supporting, respectively!

If you can, stop through and for more dates click Read the rest of this entry