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Been a while since I’ve done a new edition of YUP, so here you go.  Props to Stussy on their newest photo shoot in Jamaica.

REGGAE – Carolyn Cooper

In addition the to the music and design oriented interviews I wanted to also provide a deeper understanding of West Indian and or Jamaican culture.

My initial idea was to research for a language expert and interview them about patois but after Jef Tate (albums used for REGGAE) put me onto Dr. Carolyn Cooper I decided I needed to expand my base of questions.

Dr. Cooper is a Jamaican born  professor of literary and cultural studies in the Department of Literature in English (Dept. head 2000-2003) at the University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica.  Dr. Cooper, whose approach is grounded in critical theory, is also a very accomplished author who penned the notable book, Sound Clash: Jamaican Culture at Large (“Sound and Fury”, May 2005 CRB).

Check out the read below:

Growing up, what and or who were some of the situations and people that shaped your personality and worldview?

It sounds corny but my mother was the major person who shaped my character.  She was a primary school teacher and she would bring her strap home from school.  In those days (the 1950s), Jamaican teachers and parents believed that they shouldn’t spare the rod and spoil the child.  My mother taught me discipline and how to make sacrifices to achieve long-term goals.  But she never stifled my development.  I was an unruly child who always got into creative trouble.  Read the rest of this entry

REGGAE – History

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