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Art, Beats + Lyrics – DC ’12

Congrats to Jabari and his team on another successful Art, Beats + Lyrics (DC).  I’ve attended all of their DC exhibitions and its been cool to see them grow in various ways.  They’ve stepped it up on a variety of fronts from the art, to the presentation, and with marquee acts to boot: live performances by Shock G (dude is a musical genius) and Scarface.  You aren’t going ANYWHERE and going to see amazing art, enjoy free Jack Daniels, and catch straight up legends perform…and its free?!

Looking forward to seeing these continue and for more pics click Read the rest of this entry


Art, Beats + Lyrics – Recap

Art, Beats + Lyrics DC was on the 1.  Was amazed at: 1) the spot they got to host the exhibition was craze.  Unless you’ve got an insider-insider connection, government buildings neeevvvveerrr allow events like this to happen, 2) that over 300 people showed up for an art event with no major headliner, except for the art and of course – free Jack Daniels.  Congrats to Jabari and his team and I look forward to seeing AB+L’s progress.  For more pics click this link… Read the rest of this entry

Art, Beats + Lyrics’ – Jabari Graham

With the kind of work I do (not to mention coming from a family of entrepreneurs), I’m always interested in the inner workings of brands, creatives, or the “behind the scenes” development and coordination of events, so with Art, Beats + Lyrics in town I got a chance to catch up with the man behind the exhibition – Jabari Graham.

What’s your name and what do you do?

Jabari Graham.  I’m pretty much a creative guy, I have cool ideas, I  get a kick out of them watching them come to life, how it effects others and getting paid from them.

Growing up, what kinds of art and or creative work were you into?

I drew a little, but that went away when the Nintendo came out.  But I still stayed fascinated by art and music.

When you were younger, were you creatively inclined?  If so, what mediums were you into?  What mediums are you currently into?

My mediums were different compared to an artist.  I just tried to find ways to make money: collected and sold baseball cards, comic books, rented my video games out to friends and sold candy in junior high school. Read the rest of this entry