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The 37th Chamber – SHAOLIN JAZZ Listening Party – NOLA – Fri. Mar. 1


After our SHAOLIN JAZZ College Lecture at Tulane University 2-Tone and I will be doing a listening party at RFSH (shouts to the homie Wayne for hooking it up).  If you’re in the New Orleans area on Fri. Mar. 1 RSVP by clicking here and for those of you who are new to SHAOLIN JAZZ click here.


SHAOLIN JAZZ – NOLA Listening Party

Been keeping this one under wraps – so 2-Tone and I will be visiting a variety of colleges and universities where we’ll be giving talks about SHAOLIN JAZZ as well as discussing the parallels and similarities between both Jazz culture and Hip-Hop culture, with the University of Virginia being first.

To complement the talks we’ll also be doing listening parties in select markets.  Tulane University will be the second school we visit (shouts to Renard Bridgewater a.k.a. Slangston Hughes and Holly Hobbs for hooking it up) and will be the first market where we’ll be doing a listening party.  Big ups to Patrick at Sneaker Politics and Humid Beings for helping to spread the word and see you in NOLA Thursday February 2nd.

More coming soon…