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video by Rafael Fuchs

Our latest edition of COLOR of SOUND, which was brought to you by the good people of BROOKLYN WILDLIFE, was CRAZY from start to finish.  For starters, after the lecture 2-Tone and I gave at the Miami Ad School (Brooklyn campus), we get back to the gallery to find a hip-hop icon – Fab 5 Freddy checking out the show.  Chris (BKWLDLFE) told me he gets prints made at a shop that’s located in the same building as Fuchs Projects (the gallery that hosted the event), BUT the fact that he chilled and liked what he saw, set the tone.

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Color of Sound_nyc

ePoster 1

2-Tone and I will be starting off the year right.  Our first talk will take place at the Miami Ad School (Brooklyn – DUMBO campus) Monday January 14, where, instead of us talking about the cultural parallels between jazz culture and hip-hop culture we’ve been invited to be apart of their “Industry Hero” Series where we’ll be discussing our creative inspirations behind and creative marketing for SHAOLIN JAZZ, specifically creative content development, creative cultural engagement development, and creative branding development.

After our talk we’ll be conducting our latest installment of COLOR of SOUND which will be presented by the homie Chris Carr (Eat the Cake Photography) and his BROOKLYN WILDLIFE team.

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SHAOLIN JAZZ – College and Univ Lecture Series Univ Wyoming – Recap

Our programming at University of Wyoming was the most expansive we’ve done to date, becoming one of our most memorable trips.  Our two day stint at the school consisted of a panel discussion and SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE (featuring DJ 2-Tone Jones and Sound of the City) – day one, and a classroom lecture and COLOR of SOUND (which included student artwork) – day two.

Despite a lot of moving parts (production, personnel, etc) each event ran pretty smoothly, received good attendance followed up by fully engaged attendees; making for a great experience.

Thanks to Michael Lange and Kayla Luneman (SAC), Ashley Dallum (234 Gallery), Rodney Garnett, Ulrich Adelt, and Rex Amend (panelists), and Sound of the City (Biscuit, Chooki, Solomon, and Vohn).

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SHAOLIN JAZZ – COLOR of SOUND at University of Wyoming and more…

DJ 2-Tone Jones and I are pleased to announce that the next series of our SHAOLIN JAZZ – College Lectures is on the horizon starting with Berea College (Berea, KY) – Thursday October 25th.

About two weeks later (November 7-8) our next college talk will take place at University of Wyoming, where we’ll be conducting a two day series of programming, which will include various speaking engagements, live performances, and more.  In addition to these events we’ll also be presenting the second edition of our COLOR of SOUND art exhibition and we’re reaching out to the art and graphic design students of University of Wyoming to see if they’d be interested exhibiting work.

If you or someone that you know is a current University of Wyoming student and you think that they might be interested in participating in COLOR of SOUND click Read the rest of this entry

Aniekan Udofia – The Village B-Boy at Lamont Bishop Gallery

Checked out the homie Aniekan Udofia’s closing reception for his latest show “The Village B-boy” at Lamont Bishop Gallery.  Another solid, cohesive range of works that shows Udofia’s attention to detail and attention to conceptual detail.  And considering the focus of the show I really enjoyed his use of Kente patterns.

Per his words: “The Village B-boy is about my experience in Nigeria in the 90’s and witnessing the Hip-Hop explosion.”

Size, application, color, warmth, “the cool.”  See more more works and one of the many video treatments created for his show click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video – Blue Hype

Check out the latest video from the SHAOLIN JAZZ catalog produced by Tewodross Melchishua (Art 408 Visual CultureM3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors) for the track “Blue Hype.

As you watch please check for the details and layers Tewodross uses to draw you in.

Stay tuned for more…

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Video – Brew Out

This experience producing SHAOLIN JAZZ has allowed me to meet a number of innovators, of various disciplines, and one such person is Tewodross Melchishua – the cat who produced the video above for the SHAOLIN JAZZ track “Brew Out.”

In addition to Tewodross’ video production talents he’s also an educator that teaches an in-demand hip-hop course at Bowie State called Art 408 Visual Culture, what he calls “a visual study of hip-hop and B-Boy culture, urban/contemporary art.”  And if that wasn’t enough Tewodross also curates a hip-hop exhibition called M3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors.

I’d actually seen Tewodross’ video work at different events, not knowing who he was, but 2-Tone gave me the proper intro as he thought his Live Video Mixing or as Tewodross calls it “Visual Music” would be a perfect addition to our listening parties in addition to him also creating his brand of videos for tracks from SHAOLIN JAZZ.

Tewodross’ “Visual Music,” (a unique blend of vintage pictures, video, verbiage, sounds, and colors) complemented our PHILA Listening Party like he’d been with the team since day one, so lookout for him at our listening parties and we’ll also be releasing a new SHAOLIN JAZZ video of his every month.  Click here to check out more of Tewodross’ video mixes and stay tuned for the iLL.


Working with author/content producer Felicia Pride who wrote a book entitled The MESSAGE: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs.  Think “chicken food for the Hip-Hop soul” in terms of similar concept – nonetheless a really worthwhile read.

MY MIND SPRAY is the 1st in a series of projects I’ve developed for Ms. Pride, the content (video interviews) of which will be integrated into an e-book (enhanced book) or vook for her book.  Will have more details shortly.  Until then, if you’re around on Saturday please come through and for more info regarding The MESSAGE and Felicia Pride click here.


After receiving a great deal of positive feedback from the SHAOLIN JAZZ – Album Cover Design Contest, which included a variety of requests for SHAOLIN JAZZ related product based on those graphics, DJ 2-Tone Jones and I decided to release a series of T-shirts, via the Red Bubble platform.  The graphics chosen are comprised of the top six designs (including the winner) that we considered to be the front-runners in the competition.

Click here to see/order the full range of tees and click the links below to check out a mock-up of the design as a graphic tee, a link to its Red Bubble page, and an interview we conducted on the designer: Shamona Stokes, Vassilina Pljonkina, Jean Mosambi, Chris L, Terrence Knoles, Matthew Stuckey.

*To purchase the T-shirts click here.