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When Harlem Came to Paris – Bloomingdales Photo Shoot







Here are some shots from the “When Harlem Came to Paris” photo shoot we conducted in partnership with one of our marquee sponsors – Bloomingdales.  The portrayals in the shoot consist of Bessie Smith, Wallace Thurman, and our fictional host Mamie Mason.

I’ll pics from the actual gala shortly.


The Pics – When Harlem Came to Paris






Here’s just a sampling of what took place, as I at least wanted to give people a taste of “When Harlem Came to Paris.”  These pics don’t do the experience the justice it deserves.  Rest assured,  I’ll have better shots soon.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I NEVER dress up for ANYTHING, however, this is a program that I’m more than happy to do so.  Not necessarily because I’m on the staff, but because when you do so you feel that much more apart of the experience.  You really get drawn in.

I’ve been apart of quite a few events, campaigns, etc….but WHCTP definitely ranks in my top 5 best.  The food, the apparel, the music, the people all add up to create a truly unique atomsphere…and, at year 2, this is  just the beginning…

Thanks to Kat and LSP, the sponsors, and the attendees for making WHCTP ’09 such a success.

All I’ve gotta say is be prepared – NYE ’09 …WE’RE SHUTTING IT DOWN!

The Menu – When Harlem Came to Paris


The menu for this year’s “When Harlem Came to Paris” is crazy.  Lobster Macaroni and Cheese Terrines, Moroccan Chicken and Yogurt Sauce, complimentary Crown Royal cocktails all night.  If you don’t make it – you slept.  No worries though, I’ll make sure to update with pics.

Converse at When Harlem Came to Paris





 Thanks to Greg and Paul at Converse for donating product (the “Century” series and the “Black Fives” series – a shoe that celebrates the legendary African American basketball team from that era) to the cast and staff to wear during “When Harlem Came to Paris.”  

The “Century” pack, featured above, I think was very well done, especially the weathered/distressed leather, embossed logos and laser etched shoe box!  Amazing job on both.

Eat Life Blog


For all of the foodies out there – a friend of mine and student chef, Brandon Johnson, the creator and writer of Eat Life, The French Culinary Institute’s blog, wrote a very storied piece on “When Harlem Came to Paris.”  Check the link ( for the read and be sure to check out Brandon’s additional culinary posts.

When Harlem Came to Paris


Join us for “When Harlem Came to Paris” – an interactive  heritage driven affair which celebrates the rich history and culture of Black Americans in Paris from the 1920s and 1930s.

The program, which will take place Sat. Feb. 28, will be a theatrical/costume event that includes the following elements:

* Cabaret style performances that include musical renditions of works by jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday

* Cafe styled performances that highlight the literary works and intellectual perspective of writers such as Rich Wright and James Baldwin

* And much more….

* Date: Sat. Feb. 28
* Location: 2142 Wyoming Ave. NW  Washington, DC 20008
* Time: 7pm-12am
* Tickets:
* Complimentary Gift Bags
* Complimentary Beverages courtesy of Crown Royal, Vitamin Water, Heineken, Alice White, and 3 Blind Moose
* Complimentary Hor’s Dourves and Deserts

* Visit for more info