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Barry Bishop The Creative – Interview

Barry Bishop is a legendary artist from Washington, DC who’s early works in DC’s streetwear scene (’87) made him a major influence – having created a number of the foundational designs that set the tone and direction for DC’s famed Madness Connection, which inspired him to start his own groundbreaking line B-Man Apparel.

Bishop is also an esteemed portrait artist, via his signature style of black and white, and his new show, Barry Bishop The Creative – Original Paintings and Prints, will open on Saturday December 7th, at the Brookland Artspace Lofts.

I got a chance to talk to Barry to learn more about his past and how its influencing his present and future.

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Beyond The Streets / Recap 1

I remember when the Beyond the Streets exhibition first opened in L.A. (featuring mostly West Coast writers) a few years back and me definitely wanting to check it out, so when I found out that they were doing an east coast version in NYC – me attending was a no brainer.

To put it short, its everything that I thought it would be and if you’re a fan of graffiti, street-art, and contemporary art then do yourself a favor.  The show stays open until the end of this Sept.

Props to Roger and his team for a well produced show, including all of the programming and product that goes with it, and to check out part 1 of my recap click Read the rest of this entry

Love, Hope, and Street Art

Had a good time attending the artist talk for the Love, Hope, and Street Art art exhibition which is being held at the Hornfleur Gallery.  Curated by graffiti artist Luis Del Valle, Love, Hope and Street Art is a multisensory experience that educates visitors about the visual language of street artists. Viewers are engaged to better understand street language through explanations of the symbolism of street art.

In the exhibition, the evolution of graffiti from tagging, throw-ups, and burners to the corporate boardroom is displayed and interpreted. Beyond Luis Del Valle’s personal contributions to the installation, the artwork is provided by artists DECOY, Cory StowersAsad Walker , and HKS 181, each of whom have created 10-15 years of street art (typically deemed illegal by authorities) and are now exhibiting in galleries.

The show is on exhibition till November 17th and for more info click here.

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SOUND PATTERNS / Studio Visit / John Ortiz

Check out our Studio Visit with SOUND PATTERNS featured artist: John Ortiz.  Check out his and the other artists work on exhibit this week at The Bowie State University Gallery of Art in their Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC) thru March 17th.  Gallery hours: Mon and Tues: 10 – 6 pm, Wed: 9 – 7 pm, Thurs: 10 – 5 pm, Fri: 9 – 5 pm, Sat: 12 – 6 pm.

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The Double Down Kings


At this month’s Pop-Up Shop we’re pleased to announce that we’ll feature The Double Down Kings, a crew of graffiti writers, musicians and creative artists established in Hyattsville, MD in 1994.  Over the past two decades, the crew has grown from its graffiti roots and has expanded to more than 300 members, influencing many areas of urban culture and expression, including visual art, design, photography, music, dance, tattoo, publishing, martial arts, education, film and fashion.

 To learn more about them and to check out their work click here.

Kung Fu Wildstyle: Fab 5 Freddy and MC Yan Fuse Martial Arts w/Graffiti

Really feeling this collaboration between Fab 5 Freddy and MC Yan:

KUNG FU WILDSTYLE is an exploration of pop culture through contemporary street art. Hip Hop’s original instigator FAB 5 FREDDY and Hong Kong’s Graffiti and Hip Hop pioneer, MC YAN examine the influence of Bruce Lee and Kung Fu on 1970’s New York City street culture and emerging Hip Hop scene, and how it comes full circle as Hip Hop influences a generation of Hong Kong street kids in the 1990’s

Each artist uses original Bruce Lee film imagery as a focal point, and will create five new pieces of art

They came together on OCTOBER 20th, 2012 in Hong Kong for a one-of-a-kind Pop Up Art Show – see the video above.

For more info about KUNG FU WILDSTYLE click here.

Source: Hypebeast


Wall Writers, Graffiti in its Innocence 1967-1972

A good friend, Roger Gastman, has been a major force in curating and developing well designed books, exhibitions, and other media for graffiti culture and he recently hit me some info for his latest project, a documentary entitled “Wall Writers.”  Peep the info:

From director Roger Gastman—a producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop—comes Wall Writers, a documentary on graffiti in its innocence.

Through unprecedented access to TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and a host of other legendary writers, Wall Writers tells the story of a time when underprivileged city kids refused to keep lurking in the shadows, when the streets were so wild that fame and infamy became indistinct, when art became a democracy and self-promotion became an art.

And the narration is done by John Waters!

For additional info visit click here.

7th Letter – RIME – 50 Characters in Miami Video

Out of all of the footage I’ve seen of Art Basel ’12 this is my shit.  Shouts to Casey and the whole 7th Letter CrewJersey Joe for an incredible original work.

Source: Hypebeast


EWOK 5MH is OFFICIAL. Check him out here.


I know its been a minute since the last one but check out some behind-the-scenes shots from MAKE NO!SE #3.  The subject of which is Shane Pomajambo – owner of art gallery Art Whino – one of the only area galleries to exhibit pop culture, street art, and graffiti.

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