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The Backlist – Interview

Big shout to Felicia Pride of Backlist for hooking up an interview of yours truly and coverage of the latest edition of MAKE NO!SE.  Everything came out really well and her questions regarding my background took me back – shout out to Kalodge Projects!

Check out the interview here and for the coverage of MAKE NO!SE check out the links: Photo Shoot, Video.


MAKE NO!SE – Dannon Cook x FILA (Photo Shoot)

In this second edition of MAKE NO!SE we bring you Dannon Cook (product support by FILA, photography by Chris Carr, video by Opiyo Okeyo).

I was introduced to Dannon through a good friend (Alexis – Madison Davenport Ink) who broke down his story which I found to be pretty compelling, as he’s a barber (Like That Barber Shop/Razor Workz) and a classically trained violinist who attended Howard University via his musical talents.

So on one side you’ve got Dannon’s creative barbering skills which range from your basic lineups and fades to crafting a limitless array of designs into many a head.  And on the flip-side there’s Dannon’s musical abilities as a violinist – who’s been mastering the instrument since the 3rd grade.  Check out the shoot below which features Dannon’s branded project – a creative cut and afterward check the video…

For the rest of the shoot click Read the rest of this entry

MAKE NO!SE – Dannon Cook x FILA (Video)

MAKE NO!SE – Dannon Cook x FILA.  Video shot by Opiyo Okeyo.

To check out the Photo Shoot click here.

Make NO!SE – 2nd Ed (Behind The Scenes – Barbershop)

Check out the behind-the-scenes shots I took from the second photo shoot for the 2nd edition of Make NO!SE.  Shouts to Dannon and the Like That Barber Shop for allowing us to shoot.

Be on the lookout for the full package (photo + video shoot) and click the link for more shots: Read the rest of this entry

Make NO!SE 2nd Edition – Teaser

Here a couple of shots from last Thurs’ Make NO!SE photo shoot + video shoot  featuring Dannon Cook.  Chris Carr (Eat The Cake NYC) killed the photography.  The full package (photo shoot and video) will be up in about 3 weeks.

Stay tuned.

Make NO!SE – 2nd Ed. (Behind The Scenes – Studio)

Finished shoot #1 for the 2nd edition of Make NO!SE.  The subject for this one has a pretty interesting story which, unless you know this cat, you’ll never figure out.  All will be revealed once its time for the edition to launch.  Big shout to Madison Davenport Ink for putting me on.

Check out more behind-the-scenes shots by clicking Read the rest of this entry

Original Tennis

Shout out to Lauren (FILA) for the Original Tennis joints, as they’re partnering with me on the 2nd edition of Make NO!SE.

Stay tuned….