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SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Edition (behind-the-scenes)


When your work doesn’t feel like work then you’re doing something right and SHAOLIN JAZZ (despite the occasional hurdles) does precisely that for me.  Enter DREAM GIRLS.

For those of you that have been following our various projects, about two years ago you’ll remember that 2-Tone and I developed a concept photo shoot, to help market and promote our SHAOLIN JAZZ T-shirts, called DREAM GIRLS.  And as a reminder (and for you new people) the concept behind DREAM GIRLS is a nod to the 90′s female Hip-Hop head, who is just as knowledgeable, confident, participatory, and literate in Hip-Hop culture as her male counterparts – essentially a male Hip-Hop head’s ‘Dream Girl.’

Due to the positive feedback received from our first DREAM GIRLS shoot we’d always planned on doing another edition and last Thursday DREAM GIRLS – BKNYC was shot in Brooklyn by Chris Carr (Eat the Cake Photography/Brooklyn Wildlife), who shot our DC Edition as well as having shot some of our marquee events.  We ended up getting great weather, chemistry between all of the girls, which led to some amazing shots.

To check out the full range of SHAOLIN JAZZ T-Shirts click here, be on the lookout for the full range of photos from the shoot, and to check out the behind-the-scenes pics I took click Read the rest of this entry


DOCUMENT the Fresh – Photography Exhibition / Closing Reception / Tuesday October 29th / The Bishop (BKNYC)

closing_flyer1Due to the overwhelmingly high positive response received from the opening reception as well as interest from the gallery and the photographers – doing a closing reception felt like a no-brainer.

In addition to the standard closing reception fare, there will also be a panel discussion (moderated by one of The Bishop’s owners – Stevenson Dunn) featuring the participating photographers who’ll discuss their backgrounds, processes, motivations, and other musings.  Attendees will also be treated to complimentary Heineken (6-7pm).  For more info click here.

To RSVP for the closing click here and for additional event info click Read the rest of this entry

DOCUMENT the Fresh – Concert & Event Photography Exhibition / Friday September 20 / The Bishop (BKNYC)

docfreshnyc_group_flyerAbout two months ago, E(rwin) from The Bishop, one of the owners of the gallery that hosted the first DOCUMENT the Fresh (recap), told me about their new space in Brooklyn and asked if I’d be down to do another.  I was hesitant, as our SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE date at BB King NYC was coming (which was a big deal) and our SHAOLIN JAZZ college lectures were starting shortly thereafter so I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time or head-space to coordinate a second show (note – I normally plan 6-8 months, at minimum, in advance for my events).  But after some additional talks and me always enjoying doing events in NYC I was down.

This year’s lineup of photogs have an amazing range of work and if this show will be anything like the first exhibition then it should make for another strong presentation.   This year’s lineup includes Vickey Ford/Sneakshot, Chris Carr, Mariama Rafetna, and Steve-O.  I’m also happy to announce that Heineken and Red Bull will be providing complimentary product and The Stark Life will be providing media support.  Brian Harris will also be on deck shooting live event photos for our community wall.

To RSVP for the opening reception click here and if you’re new to the DOCUMENT the Fresh series you can find additional info and photographer flyers by clicking Read the rest of this entry

ONE WORD: Nasty – T-shirts


To complement our first ONE WORD exhibition, where we’ll be highlighting NAS, we decided to drop a line of T-Shirts using the tag DJ 2-Tone Jones developed as the identity for it.  To check out the range, which includes women’s tees, v-necks, and more (courtesy of the Red Bubble platform) click here and for more info about the ONE WORD: Nasty exhibition click here.


one_word_flyer8For more info click Read the rest of this entry


COLOR of SOUND couldn’t have gone better.  The scene: dope weather, top tier gallery, solid art lineup, wall-to-wall beautiful people, amazing video mixing by Tewodross, no shortage of well-mixed drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and of course sounds by 2-Tone and the recipe is complete.

2-Tone and I would like to thank Maori and her team (Karmalux) for the interest and opportunity to kick-off The BlackStar Film Festival – if you’re doing anything in Philly give them a shout;  Tarana and Tim (Art Sanctuary) for hosting and the installation, Alexis (Madison Davenport), Cherisse (Fusicology), Rahsaan (Afrotaino Productions) and Stephanie (The Liberator Magazine) – promotional support, Chris Carr (Eat the Cake NYC) for shooting, Rob (vitaminwater) and Yaya (Red Bull) for beverages, and Chairman’s Reserve Rum.

To see the full range of event photos click Read the rest of this entry


With this being the first ever live performance of SHAOLIN JAZZ I don’t think things could’ve worked out any better.  Good weather, a legendary venue (Blues Alley), a very respectable turnout for both shows, amazing music from 2-Tone with Sound of the City, and our guest performers.  And I must add, doing a live show was NEVER in our plan.

Click here download tracks of the live music and for photos of the show and first hand account click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – Panel Discussion at DC Jazzloft Megafest

When Gio and Luke of Capitalbop first reached out to us about doing a panel discussion as part of their DC Jazzloft programming for the DC Jazzfest we were on-board from the jump.  The two have been making impressive strides with events that provide a platform for young (and ahem experienced) jazz musicians to play, introduce the genre to a younger demographic, and bridge the gap between young and old.

June 9th’s event was no exception starting with a raw space that served as a canvas for each of our examples and stories to catalyze the next, and an esteemed group of panelists starting with our moderator  Dr. William Smith (musician, producer, educator), and our panelists which included and Bobby Hill (producer, programmer, and host of “Thursday Night Jazz” and other programming on 89.3 FM WPFW), Kokayi (Grammy-nominated recording artist), and Keanna Faircloth (host of “Midday Jazz” on 89.3 FM WPFW).  I’ve got to say that this has been one of our best panel discussions due ENTIRELY to the knowledgeable group listed above.

Thanks to Capitalbop for hosting SHAOLIN JAZZ, our panelists for participating, the homie Chris Carr (Eat the Cake NYC) for shooting, and all of those that attended.

For more event pics click Read the rest of this entry

A Talk with the DREAM GIRLS

If you’ve enjoyed the SHAOLIN JAZZ – DREAM GIRLS Photo Shoots (Part 1, Part 2) then get to know the DREAM GIRLS better with a series of video interviews (produced by Tewodross Melchishua (That Soul Cinematic (TSC) where we discuss music, style, jazz among other topics.

To watch the videos click Read the rest of this entry


Welcome to Part 2 of the SHAOLIN JAZZ – DREAM GIRLS photo shoot for the SHAOLIN JAZZ – T-shirt line.

Part 2 finds the girls progressing from their day in Part 1 into some familiar territory, especially if you’re a Hip-Hop head.

Shot by Chris Carr (Eat The Cake NYC), make-up by Diti (Diti Devi Makeup Artistry).  Featuring Alison Carney, Jayne Kennedi, Jheanelle Morgan, and Shanika Wright.

Scene: “Boomin’ System”

models: alison carney, jheanelle morgan, shanika wright – T-shirts: meditation, compass, bones

models: alison carney, jheanelle morgan, shanika wright – T-shirts: meditation, compass, bones

To see the full shoot click Read the rest of this entry