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With this being the first ever live performance of SHAOLIN JAZZ I don’t think things could’ve worked out any better.  Good weather, a legendary venue (Blues Alley), a very respectable turnout for both shows, amazing music from 2-Tone with Sound of the City, and our guest performers.  And I must add, doing a live show was NEVER in our plan.

Click here download tracks of the live music and for photos of the show and first hand account click Read the rest of this entry



Download two snippets of the live tracks here.

To hear both tracks in their original form from the first SHAOLIN JAZZ project click here.

For photos from the SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE show at Blues Alley click here.

Full length tracks of the live music available Monday July 16th.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – ePosters 2



Since we received such a good response from our first series of ePosters we decided to do another set to help promote our 1st ever live performance, SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE, at Blues Alley – Monday June 25th.  Buy tickets here.

To see the range of ePosters click Read the rest of this entry


2-Tone and I are pleased to announce the latest extension of SHAOLIN JAZZ: SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE.

Overall, SHAOLIN JAZZ, including the development of this particular extension, has been very organic – from the start with us having no real plan, to releasing a series of creative projects which we felt just made sense, on into this latest foray.

Originally, SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE was simply going to be a two song single featuring live versions of some of the tracks from the album and during its production 2-Tone and Biscuit Bynum (one of the co-founders of Sound of the City – the band that performed the live tracks, of which 2-Tone is also a member) discussed the potential of doing a live show, as the tracks came out solid and Biscuit had a strong relationship with Blues Alley, an esteemed jazz venue in Washington, DC.  After a few months of emails, impromptu meetings, and phone calls Blues Alley hit us with a date making this our 1st ever live performance at one of the nation’s most legendary jazz spots.

SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE (a live music release and live show):

  1. Download two of the SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE tracks by clicking here.
  2. Live show: live performances of tracks from the SHAOLIN JAZZ  album, Monday June 25th, at Blues Alley (1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW – in the alley), 8pm and 10pm shows.  Buy tickets here.

Hope you download the project and can make it to the show.

Black Berry Jones “The Life LINE” featuring yU

Pretty sick collab between Black Berry Jones and yU – DC Representin’ lovely!

Diamond District – In The Ruff


I’ve been a fan of and worked within Hip Hop culture and the rap music industry since I was 11.  Having also been brought up under the legendary Lyricist Lounge camp, I know quality rap music, quality rap groups and Diamond District are both.

Natives of the DMV (Washington, DC area – District, Maryland, Viriginia), the combination of Oddisee, YU, and XO (seasoned artists in their right) have formed to become, in my opinion, one of THE best groups of 2009 with their offering “In The Ruff.”  From start to finish, they’ve put together a timeless project complete with thorough creative and a mini documentary to boot.

As a DC native too, I’m extremely happy about what these guys have done, look forward to seeing what’s next to come from them, and excited to see what the future will bring for DC Hip Hop and Hip Hop in general.

Check out their site here and download “In The Ruff” here.


King RJ presents…Jay-Z vs Nas


One of the best hip hop parties to surface in DC –  King RJ (DJ 2-Tone Jones and DJ Roddy Rod) present the Versus party, where (every Tues.) they go head to head spinning tracks from 2 iconic rap groups and or artists.

Let me be clear – this is a party for hip hop heads not just “oh I like rap an music shit.”  If you’re a fan(natic) come through and they’ve even got the $5 “recession special” for that cover charge.

The last one was Meth vs Red, this Tues its Jay-Z vs Nas and they’ll also have Aniekan (of AM Radio) doing a live mural.  Get ready folks, this weekly party is next to blow….