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Can You Dig It – Aniekan Udofia

Hit up the homie Aniekan Udofia’s latest show – “Can You Dig It,” which is his ode to the 70’s.  And if you know anything about this artist you know that the 70’s IS this cat’s steez.

No crowd shots of this one – let’s just say that its time for me to get a new digital camera so these shots were taken with my Blackberry, which has no flash?

At any rate, congrats to Aniekan on an extremely solid show, looking forward to “The Sickness 4: Reloaded,” and for more pics click here Read the rest of this entry


Child of the Street – Graffiti (Video Recap)

Stumbled across while on FB – a video created by Marshall Law of AM Radio and Albus Cavus creating our live murals for Cre8 Space’s “Child of the Street” live art project.

Child of the Street – Graffiti (Recap)

About a week ago AM Radio and Albus Cavus were invited to do create live murals for an event called Graffiti, which was an extension of Cre8 Space’s “Child of Street” art show.

Despite some hurdles the pieces, the concept of which was “creative community” signified through the image of a tree, came off well with members of both crews painting on each others pieces.

For more pics click here: Read the rest of this entry

Child of the Street

Last Sat. was full….

First, hit up Cre8 Space’s opening reception for their latest exhibition “Child of the Street”, which didn’t disappoint.  Some of the DC heavyweights whose work was featured included AM Radio, Teri Memlo, Kelly Towles, J. Coleman, Decoy, and Asad “Ultra” Walker.

Click the link for more pics – Read the rest of this entry

Cre8 x Addiction

Jay Coleman hit me up the other day about a new gallery/studio space that recently opened near the Convention Center called Cre8 Space Studio Gallery.

Francois and his team have really taken the proper steps to transform an old storefront into a top notch venue and, during our impromptu meeting, it didn’t take me long to figure out that Cre8 is going to be space to be reckoned with along a bubbling 9th St.

Check out the pics of the opening reception for their most recent show “Addiction” which features the work of photographer Thi Chien and be on the look out for more to come from Cre8 and yours truly.

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