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SHAOLIN JAZZ – DC Listening Party Event Pics

Check out the post event pics for the DC Listening Party for SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber.  Superior shout outs to everyone that came!  The crowd was HECTIC – had no idea Palace 5ive would be packed the whole time.

Click the link below for more pics and if you’re in NYC on Thurs come check us out at Rogue Space Chelsea….. Read the rest of this entry


The 37th Chamber – Listening Parties for SHAOLIN JAZZ (DC)

Its OFFICIAL!  After about 3+ months SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber is done.  This project has grown from just a “mixtape” to becoming, in my opinion, a full blown album and 2-Tone and I are developing a series of listening parties for DC, NYC, and LA.

Check out the flyer above for info regarding the first listening party which will take place in DC, Sat. March 26, at Palace 5ive – good lookin’ out Greg!

RSVP here and check out the ePosters here.

The Alison Carney + CityLife Project

I’m very happy to share this new program, as this was developed initially from a phone call from a friend asking about something almost completely different.

Its a new music-based viral project called The Alison Carney + CityLife Project, which is a three month competition where local producers can upload beats to with the hope that vocalist Alison Carney will select their music to be released for a series of “digital-only” exclusives.  Really looking forward to watching this project evolve.  For more details click: Read the rest of this entry

“Party Rockers”: Master of the Mix Viewing Party: Episode 1

Check out the first in a series of video recaps for Party Rockers – the Smirnoff Master of the Mix viewing parties here in DC.  Thanks for my face-time Kat!

Master of the Mix – Launch Party @ LUX – Recap

Smirnoff has recently launched a new DJ based reality TV show called Master of the Mix that features notable DJs that go through a series of challenges where one will emerge as the “Master of the Mix.”

Shout out to the homie Karim who’s idea has come from a 1 page Powerpoint presentation to full on fruition and salute to the industry vets such as Rich Medina, Jazzy Joyce, and DJ Scratch who will show the world the essence of the DJ and not sensationalism.  Glad to see the DJ once again getting some major shine.

To help further the visibility of the show Smirnoff has enlisted the services of Lil Soso Productions to create a series of 8 viewing parties to support the show.  Big shout to shout to Kat and her Lil Soso team, Madison Davenport Ink, and my CityLife team whose contribution of the Master of the Mix Digital CityLife Card is making some serious waves.

For more pics of the launch party at LUX click Read the rest of this entry


AudioTRIP was one of the best events of 2010: dope concept, over 650 RSVPs, an all-star DJ lineup, complimentary gourmet hors d’oeuvres, complimentary Smrinoff pretty much all night, and to top it off there was an overnight venue change – WTF!

I wish I’d taken way better pics but too many distractions (beautiful women, 3 floors of good music, and free drinks).

Congrats to Kat and her Lil Soso team for another banger!

Click the link for more pics: Read the rest of this entry