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do you want more happy hour?!!!??!


Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances 1920 DC has closed, and after months of searching 2-Tone and I finally found a spot to host our Hip-Hop happy hour series – Tropicalia.

We’re hopeful this one picks up where our De La happy hour left off and we’ve also (via Madison Davenport PR) linked up with the cats at Leroy Jenkins Limited who’ll be exhibiting their THE ROOTS inspired artwork.

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Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (Redman tribute) Recap


The second installment of our happy hour series picked up where the first one left off and added to the momentum.  Peace to everyone that came, Mo, Reg, Gene, and Jeremy (1920 DC) for again hosting, and be on the lookout for more, as 2-Tone and I will be doing these every two months.

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Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (Redman tribute) Skeasers….

“Skeaser 1”

2-Tone and I had the idea of producing customized skits to help promote the happy hour based on the skits featured on some of Redman’s albums.  Check out the first one above (created in the Low-Tone Lounge featuring DC area friends and fam) and be on the lookout for more.

And just in case you’re wondering, “Skeaser” is a combination of skit + teaser….

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Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (a tribute to Redman)

(ePoster 1)

Based on the positive outcome of our Happy Hour of DOOM event (for recap click here) 2-Tone and I are pleased to announce our next concept based happy hour at 1920 DC:

Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (a tribute to Redman)

To RSVP click here and for more info, including the customized “Skeasers,” and range of ePosters, click Read the rest of this entry

Happy Hour of DOOM

(ePoster 1)

Because I’m a fan and wanted to do a simple event where DOOM fans could hang out, listen, read……and drink.

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DOCUMENT the Fresh – Opening Reception and Panel Discussion Recap

To be honest, I’m never sure what to expect when I develop anything creative and DOCUMENT the Fresh was no exception, especially considering the content and the intent of the exhibition.

Vickey, Dafna, and Teri really delivered what I was hoping for which were three distinct perspectives via the photos they’ve shot.

The opening reception and panel discussion for DOCUMENT the Fresh really took me by surprise.  Supreme turnout at the opening and the panel discussion turned out well too with a nice gathering of people who were very engaged with the photographers, their stories, their processes, and personalities.

Thanks to everyone that attended both events and shouts to Erwin, Stevenson, Ernest, and Jessica (Lamont Bishop Gallery) for agreeing to host the exhibition, Chris (Heineken), Keri-Ann (vitaminwater), Akil (Belvedere), Kat (Lil Soso Productions), Alexis (Madison Davenport),  Cherisse, Brandon (Fusicology), Winston (Couch Sessions), Tewodross (Art 408 Visual CultureM3: MCs, Mics and Metaphors), Roddy (Humble Monarch Media & Design), Sonya (UKS), and everyone that tweeted or dropped a Facebook post.

If you’re in the DC area or will be the exhibition will be up until Saturday November, 26th so make sure to stop by.

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DOCUMENT the Fresh – Event & Concert Photography Exhibition

Been working on this for a minute. EXTREMELY grateful to the participating photographers and Lamont Bishop Gallery (shouts to Erwin) for getting down…

DOCUMENT the Fresh is an exhibition that will feature the works of three notable area photographers: Rosina “Teri” Memolo, Dafna Steinberg, and up-and-coming photographer Vickey Ford. The striking images that these talented photogs have shot will make for a truly unique show that will give attendees a “backstage pass” and “front row” look into a variety of events and concerts: big and small, in and out-of-state, that each has experienced.

The keen eye of each photographer via inventive angles, VIP access to your favorite artists, and “moment-in-time” shots, will transport exhibition goers to these shows and events with detailed pictures that will surely tap all five senses. And with picture sizes that range from 8×10 to 20×30, attendees will be able to visually embrace the finer points and details of the story that each photo tells.

DOCUMENT the Fresh: Event & Concert Photography Exhibition
Lamont Bishop Gallery | 1314 9th St NW
Saturday November 5th
Nick tha 1da spinning Hip-Hop & Rare Grooves
Complimentary Belvedere, Heineken (7pm-8pm) & vitaminwater

RSVP – click here

The opening reception will also be followed up by a panel discussion, held Sunday November, 6th, featuring the photographers of DOCUMENT the Fresh who will share their experiences and discuss topics revolving around their experiences as women in the photography industry.  For more details click here.

For more info visit and to see the specialty flyers for each photography click Read the rest of this entry

The Alison Carney + CityLife Project

I’m very happy to share this new program, as this was developed initially from a phone call from a friend asking about something almost completely different.

Its a new music-based viral project called The Alison Carney + CityLife Project, which is a three month competition where local producers can upload beats to with the hope that vocalist Alison Carney will select their music to be released for a series of “digital-only” exclusives.  Really looking forward to watching this project evolve.  For more details click: Read the rest of this entry

“Party Rockers”: Master of the Mix Viewing Party: Episode 1

Check out the first in a series of video recaps for Party Rockers – the Smirnoff Master of the Mix viewing parties here in DC.  Thanks for my face-time Kat!

LIQUID SOUL – A Liquid Arts Experience

Really looking forward to this event – its one you don’t want to miss.  The illest thing about it is that this was conceived during a conversation Aniekan and I had 2-3 months ago:

Wednesday, Sept .1 at The Fridge DC, 7pm to 11pm, located in the rear alley of 516 8th St SE (across from Matchbox, Capitol Hill)

*Live painting: each live painting will be inspired by and painted using a flavor of Vitamin Water of the artist’s choosing

* Complimentary Vitamin Water

* Complimentary Cocktails courtesy of Bacardi Read the rest of this entry