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CAN I KICK IT? / “The New Legend of Shaolin” / Recap


The weather is finally starting to break and the turnout for our most recent CAN I KICK IT? certainly reflected that, along with a pretty expansive promotion and marketing effort.  There’s not too much that beats a 70 degree Spring evening in DC and “The New Legend of Shaolin” had attendees locked from the opening scene and Jet Lei’s kid co-star, 9 year-old Xie Mao (Tze Miu), provided a surprising boost with dynamic martial arts skills that rivaled his adult co-stars.

Props to everyone that attended; salute to Marvin for hosting, special shouts to our amazing bartender Alyssa, Madison Davenport PR, Som Records, and Palace 5ive , DSE Live – our media partners, and thanks to TC, Cherisse, and Duane for the promotional lift.  Thanks also to Lyft – our transportation sponsor.

Stay tuned for our next CAN I KICK IT? which will be Tuesday May 26th.  For more recap pics click Read the rest of this entry


The SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest


The SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest, which is an extension of the notable SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber music project (an artful fusion of jazz instrumentals and hip-hop acappellas) is a month long competition (Wednesday September 16th – Wednesday October 15th), whereby participants can submit designs that interpret SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber as a Kung-Fu movie.  For more info including rules, guidelines, and prizes click Read the rest of this entry

The SHAOLIN JAZZ Marketing Internship


We at SHAOLIN JAZZ are searching for a Marketing Intern (MI) to assist with our college/university marketing efforts. Our Marketing Intern (MI) program consists of a network of creative and influential individuals, such as yourself, who have an interest in learning creative marketing, specifically transmedia, and how the utilization of social media can be used to grow positive impact while stimulating healthy conversation from our diverse range of content. This internship is an unpaid position. For more info click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Week 3 / Photo Recap




Welcome to the third and final set of recap photos 2-Tone took during his three week trip to India via the Next Level program initiated by the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill Department of Music and the US State Department.

To see more pics click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Week 2 / Photo Recap



2-Tone and his Next Level team are now in Kolkata.  To check out pics of week 2 click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Week 1 / Live Performance

Video recap courtesy of Next Level (#SHAOLINJAZZinINDIA).

SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Edition (behind-the-scenes)


When your work doesn’t feel like work then you’re doing something right and SHAOLIN JAZZ (despite the occasional hurdles) does precisely that for me.  Enter DREAM GIRLS.

For those of you that have been following our various projects, about two years ago you’ll remember that 2-Tone and I developed a concept photo shoot, to help market and promote our SHAOLIN JAZZ T-shirts, called DREAM GIRLS.  And as a reminder (and for you new people) the concept behind DREAM GIRLS is a nod to the 90′s female Hip-Hop head, who is just as knowledgeable, confident, participatory, and literate in Hip-Hop culture as her male counterparts – essentially a male Hip-Hop head’s ‘Dream Girl.’

Due to the positive feedback received from our first DREAM GIRLS shoot we’d always planned on doing another edition and last Thursday DREAM GIRLS – BKNYC was shot in Brooklyn by Chris Carr (Eat the Cake Photography/Brooklyn Wildlife), who shot our DC Edition as well as having shot some of our marquee events.  We ended up getting great weather, chemistry between all of the girls, which led to some amazing shots.

To check out the full range of SHAOLIN JAZZ T-Shirts click here, be on the lookout for the full range of photos from the shoot, and to check out the behind-the-scenes pics I took click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Week 1 / Photo Recap



For more Week 1 pics of 2-Tone in India (#SHAOLINJAZZinINDIA) click Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Day 1 / Video Recap

Video recap courtesy of Next Level (#SHAOLINJAZZinINDIA).


SHAOLIN JAZZ in India / Day 1 / Photo Recap




Day 1 of 2-Tone’s travels in India (#SHAOLINJAZZinINDIA).  For more pics click Read the rest of this entry