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CULTURE SCIENCE – Launch Party / Recap


Nothing but good times at the launch party for CULTURE SCIENCE STUDIOS.  Props to all of those who attended, thank you to Reggie and Mo (1920DC) for allowing us to conduct our launch during their Friday night event (No Rules Fridays), big shout to everyone that helped to promote our event, and salute to Baked Beans Bakery for providing complimentary gourmet deserts.  Please continue to visit as we fill out the site and for more recap pics click Read the rest of this entry




Join us as we celebrate the launch of our newest SHAOLIN JAZZ platform, CULTURE SCIENCE, which will serve as an online platform for SHAOLIN JAZZ that will highlight via photo, audio, and video, the engagements that we conduct, globally.  The launch party will take place this Friday June 24th at the Amsterdam Lounge from 6-10 PM.  For more info click here.

Soft Launch Party for


Props to everyone that came through to the launch, on Fri, of  For some recap pics check the site (I’ll also be posting more on our twitter and ig) and stay tuned for more info about our next NYC exhibition on Sat. Aug. 1.

Soft Launch Party for


I’ve had so much going on that I kept this under wraps, but I recently designed a website ( to complement my DOCUMENT the Fresh exhibitions, where I highlight the event and concert photography from novice and established photographers) and tonight I’m doing a soft launch party for it hosted by the good people of 1920dc, so come thru, hang out, let’s have some good food and good drinks and take shoot some flicks.  For the event info click here.

Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (Redman tribute) Recap


The second installment of our happy hour series picked up where the first one left off and added to the momentum.  Peace to everyone that came, Mo, Reg, Gene, and Jeremy (1920 DC) for again hosting, and be on the lookout for more, as 2-Tone and I will be doing these every two months.

For more pics click

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Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (Redman tribute) Skeasers….

“Skeaser 1”

2-Tone and I had the idea of producing customized skits to help promote the happy hour based on the skits featured on some of Redman’s albums.  Check out the first one above (created in the Low-Tone Lounge featuring DC area friends and fam) and be on the lookout for more.

And just in case you’re wondering, “Skeaser” is a combination of skit + teaser….

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Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (a tribute to Redman)

(ePoster 1)

Based on the positive outcome of our Happy Hour of DOOM event (for recap click here) 2-Tone and I are pleased to announce our next concept based happy hour at 1920 DC:

Whut?! Thee Happy Hour (a tribute to Redman)

To RSVP click here and for more info, including the customized “Skeasers,” and range of ePosters, click Read the rest of this entry

Happy Hour of DOOM

(ePoster 1)

Because I’m a fan and wanted to do a simple event where DOOM fans could hang out, listen, read……and drink.

To RSVP click here and for more info including the range of ePosters click Read the rest of this entry