SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE – The Ethiopia Edition / Wayna


Untitled-1Meet Wayna, a highly notable Grammy nominated singer/songwriter who will be performing this Saturday at our SHAOLIN JAZZ L!VE – The Ethiopia Edition live performance at Tropicalia.  Wayna, who is of Ethiopian descent, was part of the team that traveled with us to Addis, and was hugely instrumental in the success that we had there.

How has your environment influenced your music?

It has given me the life experiences from which I draw the subject matter and values, which influence the music profoundly.

How do you feel about hip-hop culture and if you’re a fan, have you incorporated it into your music?

I became a fan, after working with so many hip-hop purists.  I have incorporated in my work the storyteller style of writing, improvisation, and some poetic techniques.

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Who are some of your favorite artists and or groups?Untitled-2

Lauryn Hill, Nas, Common, Arrested Development.

What do you think the main differences are between the music scenes in Ethiopia versus the US?

The exposure in the US to different sounds and stories changes the palette people here have to work with.  Ethiopian musicians draw from their lexicon of musical and cultural influences.  The more exposure these musicians have the fewer differences there will be between these two scenes.

What do you think are some of the similarities between the music scenes in Ethiopia and the US?

Artists expressing their personal experience or that of those around them.

Has your ethnicity influenced your music and if so, how?

My cultural background, my choice of sounds, mentors, the stories I choose to tell are all influenced by my being Ethiopian-American and my being a woman.

What’s next for yUntitled-3ou?

I am releasing a music video this summer for my song “Amazing,”continuing to tour with Stevie Wonder throughout the summer, and performing my own dates in Baltimore and DC.  I am also continuing to write.

To listen to Wayna’s music click here and to learn more about Wayna click here.


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