DOCUMENT the Fresh / Interviews: Vickey Ford/Sneakshot

Dangelo_FHNYC15-2583Who or what first got you interested in photography?

Music, Fashion & my Mom.  Music has always played a big part of my life.  My mother would attend concerts and shared her photos & stories.  My mother took me to see New Edition, the music & the lights …just the whole vibe and emotions that I felt instilled a love of music in me. And I wanted to capture that.  Then the hip-hop scene further intensified my love for photography.

Early on what were some of the first things that you began to document? 

The usual stuff; family, rocks, my feet but that’s when I was a little girl.  When I picked up the camera again as an adult it was my love for live concerts, wanting to capture that moment.  For the entire read click

What kinds of things (people, places, etc…) inspire your work?

It varies..depending on my mood, but since the majority of my work is music based, I will say that Music is one of my biggest inspirations.  I also draw inspiration from stage lighting, my creative friends; heck creative people and my favorite visual artists (..i.e., Basquiat)…etc.

Who are some of the photographers that you admire?DSC_7039

This could be a very long list…but here’s a few: Janette Beckman, Richard Avedon , Danny Clinch , Mick Rock , Cognito , Joann Gomez , rehes.. to name a few.

Which do you prefer, color or black and white?

Both.  And the reason why I say that is…sometimes you’ll take a photo and it’s a good shot in color, but you might switch to see it in black and white and then that same photo becomes a damn good shot, even an iconic or classic shot.

If you’re also using your cell phone to create work, how do you feel that device plays into the art-form?

There are times when I might take a cellphone shot for Instagram, but I would only use it for that.  I’ve seen people in the photo pit with a photo pass shooting with their cell phones –I hate it!

Why do you think photography has experienced such a resurgence?

Everyone has a creative shutter bug in them and digital has made it easy for anyone to be a “photographer” and honestly some folks have a good eye or great editing skills.


What have been some of your favorite festivals to shoot?

AfroPunk, The Roots Picnic & SXSW.

Being that you’re a seasoned vet in the event promotions industry, would you say that that experience has helped your photography?  If so, in what ways?

It’s afforded me the opportunity to meet people and gain access to certain situations.

Depending on the concert, shooting them and live events can be a harrowing experience.  Any tricks of the trade on getting the “right” shot?DSC_9535

To me there are no “right” shots …you are capturing moments, because my “right” shot might not be someone else’s.   So, all that to say trust YOUR eye.

You’ve traveled abroad. What have been your favorite cities to shoot in, both domestically and overseas?

While I was abroad, I really didn’t shoot any music stuff, it was more street photography and of the people I met in these countries. So, if I had to list a couple of favorites I’d say: New York, Colombia and Los Angeles (gosh, I love LA).


To view more of Vickey’s work visit her site SNEAK SHOT.

For more info about the DOCUMENT the Fresh – NYC photo exhibition click here.



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