When I heard the verdict regarding Mike Brown’s case I wasn’t surprised yet I was still very numb in that this represents another clear example of how this country has developed a system of destroying Black people, especially Black men.  I wanted to do a post and thought of doing a screen shot of CNN’s headline but held back and then I saw a video that a videographer friend of mine, by the name of Ralston Smith, who filmed the protests (as well as interviewed protesters) that were taking place in Washington, DC after the verdict was announced.

I’m still not altogether sure about what I want to do regarding making a difference and bringing awareness to our country’s vastly lopsided legal system but I promise you that when it goes down it will have impact.  Stay tuned….


About gmoney77

My name is Gerald Watson and I do lifestyle marketing for various companies/agencies. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the people I work with, the work I do as well as the shit I see on the regular.

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