Dave Singleton Interview / Winner, SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest


After selecting Dave as the winner for our Movie Poster Design Contest, I begin to dive deeper into his work to discover that Dave has a very unique story.  In addition to his graphic design prowess, Dave’s also a musician, DJ, and the co-founder of a soul music label based in Tennessee, G.E.D Soul Records.  And while it was my intent to interview the contest winner, these findings added to the depth of the read.  Check it out:

What’s your name, where are you from, and what do you do?

Dave Singleton, I’m from Nashville, TN. I’m do graphic design and communications for a day job and am the co founder of G.E.D. Soul Records.

Briefly, give people a short history of G.E.D. Soul Records.

I started G.E.D. Soul with Nick DeVan around 2007 in Murfreesboro, TN while in college. Before that we had a deep funk radio show called the G.E.D. Soul Rged2evue. After buying up a bunch of heavy funk records we decided to start recording our own and started putting out 45s and LPs. We now haves a pretty good sized catalog feature DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Magic In Threes, AJ & The Jiggawatts and more.

What is it about soul music that grabs you more than other genres?

Originally it was the stuff with the raw sounding production and not overly polished.

Talk about some of your inspirations for soul music: artists, groups, lyrics, instruments, even record labels.

Being from Tennessee, Stax is certainly high up on the list of inspiration. But for me, I really really love all the different deep funk compilations like Midwest Funk, Florida Funk, Funky 16 Corners… especially if it has really good liner notes. Some of those really obscure tracks hit so hard its unbelievable. I started searching for these records from the Soul Patrol label out of France, they were easier to find in the early 2000s than they are now.

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Being from the Tennessee area, do you feel like you guys have a specific sound, as it pertains to soul, and if so, please describe it?

I think we have developed is whged3at I like to call a sort of “working man” soul. We all pretty much have day jobs that we use to support the music. I’m sure we’d all like to make a living playing music, but that’s obviously easier said than done. So we all work really hard so that we are able to put these records out. A lot of the tracks have a theme of struggling to make ends meet, which is a reality for a lot of us.

How did you come about doing design work?

I didn’t really get into the design side until we started the label. So when it was just two people doing everything from screen printing shirts, to engineering and mixing records, to building websites someone had to jump in and start making label artwork and album overs and flyers for the different bands live shows and tours and that ended up being me.

Would you say that your process for creating design work is the same when you’re creating music? If they’re different, please explain?

I definitely draw inspiration from old album covers like I draw inspiration from old music. My wife is a DJ with a huge record collection, most of the albums I’ve never heard or seen before, so I like to peruse her collection and take note of covers and how they use color combinations and how they layout the title against the photo or what typeface they use. With music, I’m really into beat boxing while I’ll walking, and sometime if beat and the bass line I’m “speaking” sounds interesting, I’ll record it to my phone and come back later to flesh it out or demo it, then get with Nick DeVan and fatten the sound up.ged7

Talk about your design aesthetic or style. What kind feeling(s) do you want your work to evoke?

Throw back. I screen print too so one of the things I’ve been working on lately is trying to capture the same kind of texture digitally that you would get with a manual screen print press. This means I’m using lots of half tones and trying to digitally create something that’s not overly digital looking. Digital rawness.

What should good design do?

Evoke an emotion.

What’s on the horizon for G.E.D. Soul Records and how can people find you guys?

We have a 45 coming out November 18 from a new artist named Oliver James from Red Boiling Springs, TN. It’s a blue-eyed soul record with a lot of heart and we’re very excited to share it with the world. To stay up with all that we do and hear loads of music on soundcloud, visit us on the web at www.gedsoulrecords.com.


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