SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Edition for SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel (Fall/Winer 2014 / Part 1)

dream_girls_nyc_logosWelcome to Part 1 of the SHAOLIN JAZZ DREAM GIRLS – NYC Fall/Winter Photo Shoot for SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel.

The Fall/Winter shoot  finds the girls enjoying NYC mainstays, as they did in Part 1, of the Summer shoot, with those experiences helping to inspire the moves they make, later,  in Part 2.

Shot by Chris Carr (Eat The Cake NYC), Dyesha Hicks, Melanie J.B. Charles, Boshia Rae-Jean, Whitney Brown, and Laura Weyl.

Scene: “Coffee Shop Vibes”

IMG_3083model: dyesha hicks / hoodie: bones

IMG_3099model: laura weyl / t-shirt: shapes

To see the full shoot click

IMG_3126model: whitney brown / zip-hoodie: meditation

IMG_3141model: boshia rae-jean / zip-hoodie: compass

IMG_3082 models: dyesha hicks, boshia rae-jean / hoodie: bones. zip-hoodie: compass

IMG_3232models: laura weylwhitney brown / t-shirt: shapes, zip-hoodie: meditation

IMG_3272models: dyesha hicks, boshia rae-jean, laura weylwhitney brown / hoodie: bones, zip-hoodie compass, t-shirt: shapes, zip-hoodie: meditation

IMG_3227models: whitney brown, laura weylboshia rae-jean / zip-hoodie: meditation, t-shirt: shapes, zip-hoodie: compass

IMG_3208models: boshia rae-jeandyesha hicks / zip-hoodie: compass, hoodie: bones

IMG_3150models: whitney brown, boshia rae-jean, dyesha hickslaura weyl / zip-hoodie: meditation, zip-hoodie: compass, hoodie: bones, t-shirt: shapes

IMG_3307model: dyesha hicks / hoodie: bones

Scene: “Trainspotting”

IMG_3420model: laura weyl / t-shirt: shapes

IMG_3320models: boshia rae-jeanlaura weyl / zip-hoodie: compass, t-shirt: shapes

IMG_3324models: dyesha hickslaura weyl / hoodie: bones, t-shirt: shapes

Additional details:

Location: Brooklyn, NY / Eat the Cake Studios

Creative Direction: Gerald Watson, DJ 2-Tone Jones

Styling: Models

Product: SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel

To check out our Spring/Summer Photo Shoot click Part 1 and Part 2

To learn more about SHAOLIN JAZZ click here


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