DREAM GIRLS – NYC Interviews: Dyesha Hicks

IMG_2929What’s your name and where are you from?

Dyesha Hicks aka JusDYEalready … outta Brooklyn, NY.

What do you do?

I am a model/personality/and voice of reality. That pretty much is the drive for my creative passion. I also have to work hard to maintain this natural figure; therefore I hold a position at a fitness center, leader of hospitality and reception services.

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Who are some of your style influences?  Definitely individuals with a free spirit demeanor who walk with an elevated awareness of self. They tend to have an eclectic sense of style, and I totally love it #EclecticVibes . I can name many influences past and present, however one intriguing young lady in particular who inspired me to think out the box when it comes to fashion (and who is elevated in social awareness) is Nyne Lyves . With that being said I will just mix up everything that makes me feel inspired and confident and “Wah la!” that creates my ensembles…confidence immediately makes me feel sexy, and when I feel IMG_2927sexy, watch out world!!

What role does music play in your life?  Just as the sun sets and the moon rises, that’s how much music influences my world. I live for it. It plays a very instrumental role on my mood. Example, my favorite artist, Amy Whinehouse, her album “Back to Black” helped me while I was in a deep depression. Although the ballots were heavy with her own emotions, crying while singing her tunes helped me immensely. Music = Life saver.

Do you think style and music interplay with each other? If so, how? I absolutely believe it does. It seems like every kind of time period that music has passed thru, it had a particular style that accompanied it…even from classic rock, to disco, and to 80’s rap…they all had a style/trend along with each era of music.

Who are some of your favorite hip hop artist or groups? Just to name a few:  Nas, De La Soul, Notorious B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, Fugees, Tribe called Quest, The Roots, Most Def, Common, Kanye west and of course, Wu-Tang Clan #SaveTheBestForLast.

IMG_292890’s hip hop – what are some thoughts that come to mind – artists, groups, style, aesthetic? All I can say is 90’s Rap music had way more flavor and substance than most (but not all) of today’s hip-hop on the radio and satellite airwaves. Regarding sound, it’s ridiculously repetitive. I was able to absorb more from the tracks that were being laid in 90’s hip-hop…I guess I can’t relate to trap music (unless I’m twerkin’) lol.

What are your thoughts about jazz? Do you have any favorite artists or groups? I-Adore-JAZZ!! Smooth Jazz is everything to me!! The smooth sound takes my soul to another level. Shame on me for not being the best at recalling names of jazz artists; but one jazz artist that comes to mind is Warren Hill and my favorite jazz tune by him is “La Dolce Vita”…it’s pretty much the theme song of a perfect day for me. #jusSayin

What do you think about the SHAOLIN JAZZ project? Simply put, genius. The fusion of jazz and the lyrical style of Wu-Tang Clan create a sound like no IMG_2926other…honestly; it brought to my attention a connection between the two worlds (Jazz & Hip hop) that I didn’t realize co-existed. The Jazz overtones on this project, for example, on “How Sly,” grabs my soul they way smooth jazz does and takes me to a tranquil place where I can vibe out. It’s nearly an orgasmic sensation and I really have a weak spot for sounds…but it also allows me to vibe to the lyrics of the song in a way that I haven’t done before. I’ve heard the Method Man & Redman track they sampled so many times, but felt what was spit much more when the jazz fusion was incorporated…Huge props to Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones and I look forward to more!! #UltimateVibes

Lastly, what are some of your upcoming projects and how can people find out more about you? Find out more about me by visiting http://www.DyeshaHicks.com , follow my Tumblr page: Jus Dye in Reality, and follow me on Instagram/twitter @jusDYEalready. These social media sites will keep you in the loop of what projects I have coming up and a peek into my world~~  #DreamGirlNYC #DyeshaHicks peace~~

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