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MAKE NO!SE – Shane Pomajambo featuring VANS OTW (Photo Shoot)

For the third installment of MAKE NO!SE we’re happy to bring you Shane Pomajambo – owner of Art Whino art gallery (photography by Rosina Photography, video by Opiyo Okeyo, featuring VANS OTW).

Being that I do marketing for AM Radio (a creative group), I’d heard what Shane (an avid art collector since before the gallery) was first doing with Art Whino and was really intrigued since 1) his gallery focused on street art, graffiti, and pop culture art and 2) Art Whino would only be one of a handful area galleries that exhibited those kinds of works.

Through the years Shane and his Art Whino team have worked diligently having produced over 62 shows (both on and off-site of the gallery) in addition to working with over 1200 artists and when I first started MAKE NO!SE he was one of the individuals that I intended on highlighting.  Beyond that, as I began to get to know Shane I discovered that his creativity extended beyond the walls of his gallery and that Shane is also an accomplished architect with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech who, in addition the gallery, runs his own firm Moderne Design.

Check out the shoot and corresponding video which highlight Shane through his home office and two of his exhibitions…

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MAKE NO!SE – Shane Pomajambo featuring VANS OTW (Video)

MAKE NO!SE – Shane Pomajambo featuring VANS OTW.  Video shot by Opiyo Okeyo.

To check out the Photo Shoot click here.

Title Design

SHAOLIN JAZZ – NYC Listening Party Video Recap by Rogue Space

Just received this video recap of the SHAOLIN JAZZ NYC listening party courtesy of Kevin O’Hanlon – owner/operator of Rogue Space Gallery – the venue that hosted the event.  Thanks again for opening your doors to us Kevin!

MAKE NO!SE – Shane Pomajambo featuring VANS OTW

I’m really looking forward to the third edition of MAKE NO!SE which will be dropping next Monday April 25th.  Details below:

Subject: Shane Pomajambo – Owner of Art Whino Gallery

Photography: Rosina Photography

Video: Opiyo Okeyo

Product featured: VANS OTW

For past editions of MAKE NO!SE visit Link 1 (Photo Shoot, Video) and Link 2 (Photo Shoot, Video) and check the link below for the ePosters: Read the rest of this entry

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber – The Full Project

SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber.  The project is done and I’m not going to say much at all because 2-Tone and I want people to simply check the music:

Thank you


Check out this piece where 2-Tone and I discuss the origins along with the whys and hows of SHAOLIN JAZZ.  Shouts to Roddy Rod for shooting and editing and of course Logan Mills Walters whose album cover art served as inspiration for this project – see here.

SHAOLIN JAZZ – NYC Listening Party Event Pics

I know I’m posting these crazy late but I’ve been hectic with getting all of the materials together for the release of SHAOLIN JAZZ (4.11.11) as well as getting ready for the next MAKE NO!SE.

The NYC crowd was no joke with Rogue Space nicely packed from start to finish.   Shouts to everyone that came and all of the media and people that supported and big up to the homie Soul One for holding us down in NY!  Click the link below for more pics: Read the rest of this entry