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LOGOS – NYC Visit 1

Got lost in NYC on Mon. scouting locations for a project I’m working on.  The basic run-down consists of me sending out an email on Sun. to my contacts asking about the best places to hit.

Spent the majority of my time in and around the meat-packing district and parts of Soho and Chelsea.  While there I caught the Mr. Brainwash “Icons” exhibit,  Dface, Milk Studios, Openhouse, Home Studios, Clic Gallery, peeped a new series of brass statues from an unknown artist, and some falafels with Synapse (Frank 151) at Mamoun’s.

Also got a chance to catch up with Scott, Josh, and the 10 Deep team at their BK showroom.  Their Fall offering is a PROBLEM.

Good looking out to everyone that shot me locations to hit and big shout to the homie Sean (DLux Studios) and Chris Carr (Eat The Cake NYC) for taking time out of their schedules to walk me through the city.

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CityLife is really starting to take shape and along with that many people, organizations, brands, etc. are reaching out with interest on how the platform can best be utilized to expand their reach in the DC area (and beyond).

Aside from the movie and event promo we’ve started to receive exclusives from up-and-coming artists and a good friend of the CityLife team (B.I.G Curt – Playbig Entertainment) sent us a new track from an artist he manages by the name of Emanny who’s new single features Jadakiss.  Give it a listen and keep an eye on out for Emanny.

To Have & To Hold

Can’t wait for this piece to drop!  To have & To Hold is a 90 minute feature ‘musicmentary’ celebrating the vinyl  age.  The pilot features interviews with Chuck D, Questlove, Danny Krivit, Bruce ‘Bluenote’ Ludvall and others...

Clas/sick Collections (Horse)

Here is a photo from a series a photographer friend of mine (Andrew Elwell) and I developed entitled Clas/sick Collections.

We shot the first series, called SNEAKERS, around 1999 (the beginning of the sneaker craze) with the collectors being Jeff Staple, Dukki Yu, and DJ O.

I unearthed the photos a few weeks ago and will be offering prints for sale: 8×10 – $27.00, under the new name The Classics – Sneakers.

Serious inquiries:

The Classics – The ROCK Mixtape

DJ 2-Tone Jones can spin ROCK music.

There aren’t a lot of DJs that can do it well, let alone many that can incorporate rock music into their regular sets (especially if your expertise is hip hop, rare grooves, and funk), but from start to finish this is probably one of my favorite mixtapes that he’s produced and is the perfect accompaniment to the ROCK edition of The Classics.

Enough talk…download the mixtape here.


Picked this up from hypebeast.  Its very basic but SO FRESHLY done.  The video is by a cat by the name of Tilles Singer and features stop-motion animation with skateboard magazine cut-outs in a series of homemade environments.