I’m pleased to announce the arrival of CityLife, a unique online community who’s focus is highlighting the best that the Washington, DC area has to offer.

CityLife has been 2 years in the making and, as anyone in the internet business will attest to – there’s so much more involved when building a website, on any level.

Click the link below for our official press release and visit and take a look around, as consumers and merchants alike can create accounts for free. is not just another social network. It’s actually the first Social Saving network that brings merchants together with consumers on a platform that allows them to interact and benefit from their connectivity in a new web base format. Enjoy the ability to market, to gain and retain a customer base by providing easy access to merchant information, exclusive deals, and cool social networking applications. These tools enable merchants to establish a social connection with their consumers and reward them for their loyalty.

Utilizing our website, CityLife members are presented with discovering new hot spots in the city and new saving opportunities through easy-to-navigate merchant profiles, which display videos, pictures, and consumer feedback.  Members stay updated on the latest deals from their favorite merchants through online newsletters and deal alerts. The possibilities seem endless as members can even share a wish list with friends. Merchants benefit from this network, because it gives them the ability to market to their consumer base while expanding their brand by utilizing the various marketing tools on the website.

The savings start today as CityLifeCard has announced that all merchant accounts are Free till Jan 2010.So merchants in the DC Metro area, can start to utilize this amazing tool to assist them in driving customers to their locations during the holiday season at zero cost. It is the one deal a business owner cannot afford to miss out on this year and an online experience that all consumers will want to check out this holiday season for the savings.


About gmoney77

My name is Gerald Watson and I do lifestyle marketing for various companies/agencies. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the people I work with, the work I do as well as the shit I see on the regular.

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  1. This website is the best .really unique.

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