Linking Up

One of the really cool things about doing a project, such as The Classics, is sometimes people, that you don’t know, will randomly reach out just for the “love” and or interest in supporting because what you’re doing is something that they’re involved in or have an interest in.

A few days ago that very thing happened where these cats, that run separate websites (Album Art Exchange and Rock Pop Gallery) dedicated to album cover art, contacted me regarding The Classics, in that they wanted to know more about it and how they could helps as well as the potential of working with each other in the future.  Apparently, there’s a small niche of people that are into selling, collecting, trading album cover art and or the prints of the album covers.

When you get a moment, be sure to visit both sites:  



Thanks for helping guys!


About gmoney77

My name is Gerald Watson and I do lifestyle marketing for various companies/agencies. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the people I work with, the work I do as well as the shit I see on the regular.

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